Planet Venus, 1952
The silent, inky darkness of space filled the viewscreen. The tiny lights that dotted the sky brought less light than the dials and gauges of the control panel. The ship’s thrusters kicked on in an automated burn for a few seconds. The scene in the viewscreen shifted slowly, and a glowing, blue-green pearl of a planet loomed into view, rising from below, filling the viewscreen.


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Amazon Jungle, 1937
The sound of drums and low chanting filled the temple hill. The jungle all around was bathed in a dancing mixture of cool blue moonlight and hot orange firelight. The high priest of the Mazketl Indians came forth from the great stone temple arrayed in bright feathered robes and a huge golden headdress, his arms and gaze raised to Ixitotl, the full-bosomed goddess of the moon.

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