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The History of Jodhpurs, Riding Gear and How They Became An Elegant Fetish

"As we come into the 21st century the aficionado of equestrian attire and equipment (boots, breeches, jodhpurs, spurs, whips, leather, etc.) has a number of opportunities to partially satisfy that fetish desire. Thanks to the resources of the World Wide Web these sites can be found easily with their connecting links.

We cannot deny it-equestrian attire, in addition to its practical aspects which provide security and comfort in the saddle, has a strong, sexual component for many people, but clearly not everyone. Some heterosexual men may be highly aroused by the sight of or actual contact with a woman in boots and breeches. Others care not at all, and indeed object to women wearing what appear to them as masculine clothes. A substantial body of homosexual men wear attire which emphasizes their masculine outlook-boots and leather. Motorcycles frequently go with this image."

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Exploring the fashion of jods both for horseback riding and as a fetish in history. Between the image of dominance and the curve-hugging sexuality, in the middle we have one of the sexiest garments ever designed.

sex scrolls

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