Making Love To Marilynís Ghost
Marilyn Monroe and her
 sex goddess legend

TIME 100: The Blond MARILYN MONROE She sauntered through life as the most delectable sex symbol of the†century and became its most enduring pop confection 06/14/1999; Time; Paul Rudnick † 

Thus Time described the woman who is probably the most drawn and photographed of our time, Marilyn Monroe.  Elton John  wrote the famous Goodbye Norma Jean about her, pop idol-makers have elevated her to a pedestal most of us could never hope to see the top of.  Her career has been analyzed, her life dissected and her words immortalized. Everything she did is recorded; everything she said placed as pearls of wisdom on a satin pillow to be kept pristine for posterity.  From her relationship with John F. Kennedy, to her death.

Yes, indeed. Marilyn, bringer of joy (and erections) and whisperer of bedroom siren calls has achieved goddesshood.  Not that she didnít carry it all along, but her legend is legend, her story more told than Homerís.  

Her story is one of the most told, her foibles and weakness the most exploited by polite iconists. Marilyn herself would be embarrassed to see the shrines relegated to her memory. 


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