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How Did You Spend New Years Day?
The ancient Babylonians believed that how you spent the day, would effect the entire year. 
Cupid and Psyche 
Kissing Through The Ages - A kiss by any other name..
Good, Good Vibrations - History and Humor of Woman's Best Friend
The Passions of the Christ - Or - Who Would Jesus Do?
Sapphic Poetry - A visual celebration - Immortal Aphrodite In the Flesh
449 Famous Men and Their Foreskins - A peek at the penis
The History of Valentine's Day 

The Real Kama Sutra is Not Tantra

Tantra and the Kama Sutra are often lumped together
History Of Wine In America
The history of wine consumption in America.
Queen of the Zombies
Our newest pulp fiction
Traditional Island Sex Foods
The Clitoris 
When a little dab'll do you...
Stocking Erotica
 and the History of Lingerie
A New Bride's Instructions
Given in 1896 by a pastor's wife
Making Love To Marilyn’s Ghost
Marilyn Monroe and her sex goddess legend
Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms
Sex with ghosts.
Romance and History
History of Contraception
The Undead and The Orgasm
The erotic appeal of vampires
A Look At BDSM and It's History
Victorian Lesbians  
Sex Without Skin
The future history of sex?
Food And Sex - An Historical Glimpse 
Ancient Greece - Afternoon Delight

A Look At BDSM and It's History
Historic Fiction - MADELEINE
Catherine the Great Horses Around
A History of Jodhpurs and Riding Gear
A New Bride's Instructions -1896

More About Natural Aphrodisiacs, Ancient Secrets of Seduction   
Many people may benefit from taking safe, natural products that function as aphrodisiacs to have more or better sex. Natural substances can also be used to address sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and can be used for treating impotence.

Druids and Sex - What Can We Learn From Them?
If you think the druids can't teach you much about enhancing your sex life - Think again.  Although Druids are considered pagan by the Christian Church, many of their customs have been introduced into our society today.

The Corset - A Symbol Of Powerful Female Expression 
Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and a score of other celebrities in current pop culture have repeatedly brought the corset "out from under" and into the limelight over the past couple of decades.

Interesting Wedding Night Rituals From Other Countries  
All over the world, people's beliefs, culture and history has affected this memorable event. It is (almost) common knowledge that wedding ceremonies are different all over the world, but did you know that the diversity extends even on the wedding night? 

The Marilyns: Capturing a Legend
From his early childhood, Andy Warhol was fascinated by the myth of stardom. The seemingly exciting and decadent lives of the young and famous fuelled Warhol's imagination.

Britney Spear's Clitoris
Very few people are aware that the Volvo automobile is named after the woman's vulva. Even less men are aware of what the vulva is.

Foods For Sex - Through history
Love foods, also known as aphrodisiacs, have been around for centuries. The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Love foods are foods that get you in the mood.

Cole Porter - Love and Everything 
The decades of the 1930’s and 1940’s were full of Cole Porter hit musicals. During the 1930’s alone, Porter wrote music and lyrics for ten Broadway musicals for New York and two film musicals for Hollywood.

Bunches of New Quotes 
Get 'em while they're hot!

Polygamy and It's Varied History
Marriage has essentially been viewed as a social phenomenon. As such, it is not necessary for the more basic act of procreation to take place.

Ancient Cultures and How the Penis Was Viewed 
The genitals of both men and women have been the source of much fascination and controversy since the beginning of time. 

Fetishism, Inanimate Sex and Whipping It Out
When things get dull, seek out the unusual, the bizarre, and for some, the ultimate orgasm.  Discover your secret desire.

From Russia With Love
An ancient book with detailed descriptions of Russian sexual customs and traditions of the 18th century was found in a remote village.

Penis Size -  History and the age old question..."does it really matter?"
The age old question and one that we're going to keep checking back on.  Don't expect this one to end any time soon. 

World of the Geisha and Memoirs of a Geisha Reviews
Enter the world of the beautiful Geisha.  Not what we think and more than anyone can know.  Exotic, thought to be erotic, and talented beyond imagination, these women, trained for years, fill a space in Japanese culture.

Wedding Traditions Unveiled
Weddings are that special occasion where two people come together to celebrate their love for one another. Yet, was it always this way? How did marriage come to be, and what is the meaning behind some of the many strange traditions observed today?

Can chocolate affect your sex life?
From the time the first coca beans were harvested by the Mayans, there has been the belief that chocolate has a euphoric impact on the body's senses. The conquistadors saw the Emperor Montezuma of the Aztecs consuming a large quantity of cocoa in the form of a beverage called chocolate before entering his harem. 

Irish Baby Names - History and Origin
The meaning of baby names of Irish origin lies hundreds of years back in the Irish Gaelic language of the ancient Celts who migrated from Central Europe before the foundation of the Roman Empire.

Vampires: the Romantic Ideology behind Them   
The French Revolution constituted for the conscience of the dominant aristocratic class a fall from innocence, and upturning of the natural chain of events that resounded all over Europe; the old regime became, in their imaginary, a paradise lost.

Porn DVD Review: Inside Deep Throat
I started to write the review on Inside Deep Throat then I realized it was getting entirely too long. The reason for that was since this is a documentary, almost every single commentary made in the film - it seemed to me - deserved it's own book of analysis.

Do Buildings Have Sex?  Or Gender?
Check out these reads that actually ponder these very questions. Something amusing for your weekend coffee.

Halloween Articles
Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms
Satan's Sexy and Sinister Reputation
The Undead and the Orgasm

A Midsummer Night's Dream 
Reacquaint yourself with the lusty and sensual tones of the master storyteller, William Shakespeare.  

Sexuality in Ancient Egypt - take a look...
...Revel in pleasure while your life endures - And deck your head with myrrh. Be richly clad - In white and perfumed linen; like the gods - Anointed be; and never weary grow  In eager quest of what your heard desires - Do as it prompts you... 
-- Lay of the Harpist

Sorting through the underwear
Clio, the muse of history, woke up to find scholars wandering through her private apartments, breaking down her bedroom door, sorting through her underwear drawer, pulling back the bedclothes and taking a magnifying glass to her sheets, and bombarding her with impertinent questions that historians of a previous generation had been too shy to ask.

Esoteric Sexual Secrets - A look at a few of history's more obscure secrets, aristocratic sexcapades and more.

Sex, Chocolate and Jewelry   
Forget about the 1960's Flower Power credo: "Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll." Toss out your DVD of the steamy 1989 erotic thriller "Sex, Lies, and Videotape." In the health-conscious, food-obsessed, "bling"-oriented 21st Century, we seem to have stopped hurtling forward and started to move backwards. Everything old is new again and we're returning to a kinder, gentler era when gentlemen and ladies enjoyed sex, chocolate, and jewelry as the language of love.

Ben Franklin and Rosicrucian Dragons
Find out what other "activities" Ben got up to.

Stockings – Getting a Leg Up, Again
It hasn’t been all that long since vintage stockings became a staple in women’s attire. Leg wear has been around for longer than we have been alive, but it wasn’t until the early part of the twentieth century that the fashion hit the mainstream. The twenties were roaring with a newfound freedom and independence. 

A Brief History of Tattoo
Because the historical and archaeological records of most forms of body art are incomplete, we still don't know where and where tattooing originated.

Ancient Sex Techniques
Discover the secrets of the ancients.  Can we learn from our past?  You betcha!

CRIME LIBRARY - Jack The Ripper
At around 3.40am on August 31st 1888, a carter named Charles Cross was making his way along Bucks Row Whitechapel, when he noticed a bundle lying in a gateway. 

Sex in the Middle Ages      Medieval Source Book on Gender      
If the question is "Did they have sex in the Middle Ages?"...the answer is yes.... Thanks to the Church, even masturbation couldn't be fun anymore.

Great slide show - History of the vibrator
Launch the slide show and learn a thing or two about vibrators, orgasms and women in history.  Worth the visit!

Noblewomen: the first ladies!
The role and position of noblewomen in later medieval Europe is a subject about which comparatively little has been written. The noblewomen, particularly those of the higher nobility, usually found themselves in a situation where it was taken for granted they would marry and strengthen the position of the family by forming a union with a man of similar (or better) standing.

Is the Kilt making a full blooded come back?
The Kilt has been the target of many a joke and ribald comment for more years than it can probably remember!  But is it fair for it to be the butt of so many jokes?

Did Casanova Really Need the Oysters?
Scientists are rubbing their hands together with glee. A recent study of underwater creatures proves conclusively that oysters have certain properties that could very well enhance performance in the bedroom. 

Adorning The Ear
Sensuality and the history of earrings.

Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty"
Lord Byron’s opening couplet to “She Walks In Beauty” is among the most memorable and most quoted lines in romantic poetry. The opening lines are effortless, graceful, and beautiful, a fitting match for his poem about a woman who possesses effortless grace and beauty.

Walt Whitman, Romance With a Stranger
The concept of brief encounters, even romantic encounters, with a stranger recurs often in the verses of Walt Whitman.

Cathars, Courtly Love, and History
This is an entry from my three volume encyclopedia.
CRUSADES, CATHARS AND 'COURTLY LOVE': - One of the greatest legacies of the revitalization of the teachings of 'brotherhood' in the 13th century of the Troubadors was sexual and gender respect.

Sex, Drugs and Rock
Many people seldom enjoy sex and some significant number of the rest of us are in varying stages of poor to decent ability and openness to what great learning sex can provide. It could be said that our sexual relations are a good barometer of the state of society.

Period Movies: Steam and Dream - If you enjoy movies that sweep you back into the past, our past, then enjoy this extensive list of movies we've picked just for you.

Lady Chatterley's Lover
The erotica that caused a sensation.  Banned and talked about, this novel scaled the heights of decency and brought sexuality into the light.  Enjoy this free publication.

Sex Poetry and an Image Gallery - to spark your fantasies

The babe on the rock, with the fins and scales? know the one. She sits on a rock in a harbor, swims across art, lives forever in marble and has remarkable adventures in fiction. She's the Mermaid. A quintessential image of woman and the sea.

The SURGE of the URGE!
Have you ever heard the expression, "The Urge to Merge"?  It is a term relating to sexuality and marriage. The "URGE" symbolizes sexual interest, and the "MERGE" symbolizes marriage union.  We see it all around us!

Influence of Astrology  in Indian Marriages
Astrology is considered to be the oldest of all sciences, which studies the effects of the planetary positions and movements on our lives.

Pope John Paul II 
Commentary on his policies regarding same-sex marriages, masturbation, birth-control and scandals of the clergy.

Chinese Marriage
In ancient China, a man could have as many concubines as possible after the first wife. It was possible that the youngest concubine would be a teenager while the husband could be an ancient old man.

The Poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Are Heterosexual Monogamists the Patent Holders on ‘Marriage’?   
There is much debate of late as to who is the patent holder on the term ‘Marriage’. Conservative heterosexual monogamists have put their moral stake in the ground claiming that 'Marriage' is their intellectual property. 

How Monogamy Came To Be
In the Hebrew Bible, there is a clear distinction between a love relationship and a marriage arrangement. Love relationships are depicted, over all, as the blinding-revealing passion for someone who is the object of the individual’s attention.

Insights on Infidelity from Hillary Clinton's Book
There are nuggets of information on surviving infidelity scattered throughout Hillary Clinton's account of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair in her book "Living History."

Comparison of Medieval and Renaissance Marriage Customs
The Old and New testaments provided early church leaders with conflicting views regarding marriage. Biblical writings had clearly indicated men and women relationships outside the confines of marriage, multiple partner marriages, and the use of concubines.

Jewelry--All That Glitters Can Be Gold 
Jewelry has been around nearly as long as human beings. The ability to trace the history of jewelry is due primarily to the custom, beginning with the earliest peoples, of burying the dead with their most valuable possessions.

Hollywood Stories: Kate Hepburn Tales
Katherine Hepburn came to Los Angeles in 1932 and like Calista Flockart, had a theater person's snobbish view towards Hollywood. 

Mata Hari - 100 years - seduction and secrets
Is it the fact she danced nearly nude at a time when such behaviour was considered beyond abominable for a woman...or is it the fact she stayed seductive even while she sold secrets as a double agent? Either way, her seductive aire and her beguiling lack of modesty causes talk about her to this day. She embodied the fantasy men wanted to fuck and the fantasy women wanted to be.

In honor of Presidents Day
A little collection of fun facts about our illustrious First Men. 

Somersby By The Lake
"Last fall, do you remember?  Those mornings beneath the weeping willow, I remember looking down into your beautiful eyes and thinking that life teetered on the brink of perfection.A Drake erotic story.

Happy Endings
A few bits and pieces to bring a smile to a romantic's face. 

Happy Valentines Day
Here are some interesting tidbits for your reading entertainment.  Be sure to have a lovely Valentine's Day, worthy of note in the annals of Sex Scrolls and history!

When Love Doesn't Conquer All - The tragedies along life's Heartfelt Highway - Part One of our look at those who weren't meant to be.

Sexual Positions in History - “When Push Comes To Shove”
Those Egyptians and Greeks and Romans could sure turn a grand cock or two on pottery we can still admire today. 

The Lust and allure of Dracula
Bram knew his erotica and used it liberally throughout this most famous work.  Discussion and complete text of Dracula.

Ancient Erotica
Some interesting takes on past behaviour.

Sex and Satan
Those naughty devil worshippers of our darker past...always on with those orgies and banquets.

Honoring the Goddess  
Beautiful natural Mother-Earth women. Without adornment, they wisk us back to the days of hippies and flower children.

Feng Shui for Sex    
Sex is a word you utter in whispers, eyes darting guiltily in all the directions. However, the masters and scholars are not silent about employing Feng Shui to improve one's love life.

The Ball of Kirriemuir    
The longest bawdiest (fuck) song ever written

Sex and Hippies  
Whether we're discussing nudity in general, uninhibited sex and more, a person can't think of hippies and not eventually turn his/her mind to free love and flower power.

Body Piercing Through History    
Body piercings have seen a resurgence of interest in the last ten to twenty years and are becoming more and more a part of the mainstream Western culture.

"It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue."            Voltaire, 1694-1778

Sex in History - Al Link  
As we human beings have changed and evolved over our thousands of years of recorded history so have our attitudes and expressions of all things sexual.
Carnival In Rio - Travel  
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the marvelous city, is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. 
Love Letters - Lust and Love from the past  
Words to melt the hardest heart and make weak the knees of a sensitive female
Tidbits From The History of Love and Romance  
Trivia from around the world and through the years.
Bod Mod Ancient World 
A Short History of Sex Drugs

Men, Relationships, and the Internet
Virgin Territory
From Eliz. I to Britney Spears
Mardi Gras
Lady Godiva - Nude for the 
people of Coventry

Grotesques - The Sheela-Na-Gig
 let it all hang out
Gargoyles –Sexy Devils
Pope Joan … er… John
Zeus and His Women
"I Used To Be Snow White
 ...but I drifted"

Strange U.S. Sex Laws
Breasts Thru The Ages
Obsessing Over Youth
The History of the Dildo
History of Fellatio - A head of its time
Caligula – Orgies and Oratory
An Elegant Fetish
A History of Jodhpurs and Riding Gear
The History of Carnival 
Henry VIII Marriage,
monarchy and man about town
Divine Dyke - Lesbian Sex Magic  
Catherine the Great Horses Around  
Brief History of Marriage
Romantic Friendships

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"Kissing under the mistletoe is first found associated with the Greek festival of Saturnalia and later with primitive marriage rites. Mistletoe was believed to have the power of bestowing fertility, and the dung from which the mistletoe was thought to arise was also said to have "life-giving" power. In Scandinavia, mistletoe was considered a plant of peace, under which enemies could declare a truce or warring spouses kiss and make-up. In some parts of England the Christmas mistletoe is burned on the twelfth night lest all the boys and girls who have kissed under it never marry. And for those who wish to observe the correct etiquette: a man should pluck a berry when he kisses a woman under the mistletoe, and when the last berry is gone, there should be no more kissing!"    USE




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