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Even the Vikings were troubled by the thought that size matters

The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom during sexual intercourse is painted on the wall of a cave in France. It is dated between 12,000 and 15,000 years old.

"Used underwear that has supposedly been previously worn by schoolgirls is being offered for sale in vending machines in Japan. Though we don't know the current price for such items, in 1993 they sold for the equivalent of US $50 apiece."   -  Snopes

During the 1920s, it was believed that jazz music caused one to permanently lose his sexual inhibitions. It was often banned in many cities. One private company went as far as to sell the elites "jazz proof" furniture.

The female bedbug has no sexual opening. To get around this dilemma, the male uses his curved penis to drill a vagina into the female.

Those who are aroused by fondling, licking, caressing, kissing, etc of the buttocks.  ( unusual sex practices)

Troubadours lived during the 11th to 13th centuries at which time many were killed for heresy by the Church. These men taught birth control, that sex should be enjoyed and that love should be considered in selecting a marriage partner. Troubadours turned the hearts of many away from the stoic traditions with their romantic ballads.  - ...their philosophy of romance and courtship filtered into the upper classes who had the free time to indulge in contemplations of titillating or torrid affairs.
 ( unusual sex practices)

Dogging - (Amomaxia - sex in a parked car.)  An English term for a sport where people watch couples having sex in parked cars. The couples in the cars perform for those who gather around outside their car. 

Penile Ligation
- refers to binding or tying the penis. Young Athenian men used to tie a string around their foreskin to protect the glans penis while doing events in the nude.  Ligation is used today by gay men in sex games.  They join them together with a string to create a form of bondage. 

- refers to those who are aroused by sacred objects.  This may include such things as masturbating with crosses or while sitting in the church pews.  Some have even broken into the churches at night and had sex on the altar. (texas '69)   ( unusual sex practices)

Refers to those who are aroused by trains.  Couples sometimes reserve a cabin and will have sex standing up in front of the window as the train passes through a town or station.  Others squeeze into bathrooms or sneak quickies in corners.  Trains provide more privacy and opportunity to socialize than airplanes or buses.  

"Oh Lord give me chastity, but do not give it yet."  
St Augustine

In the Aztec culture avocados were considered so sexually powerful, virgins were restricted from contact with them.

Coca -Cola's Risqué Poster 
Released in the mid 80s. this image prompted a total recall of all posters.

Victorian Sex Tidbits
'Close your eyes and think of England'

Homosexuality remained on the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental illnesses until 1973.

While not as extreme as the ancient Israelite punishment for adultery (stoning), Greek men still had their fair share of discomfort when their pubic hair was removed and a large radish was shoved up their rectum.


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