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The Origins of Sex
Who was Russ Meyers?
Docs Pan Abstinence-Only Sex Ed
U.S. United Church Accepts Gay Marriage
ing a Difference
Telepathy and erotic mind reading
Nude Trafalgar Square Statue
Canada approves same-sex marriage
Dr Ruth's vibrator
Jack Nicholson's dildo
Erotic Picassos for sale
Public Breastfeeding
Working to banish porn and bring in "porna"
Straight Porn Improves Sperm
Sex Huts
Female orgasms weed out men
Saucy face of fundraising
Saving the trees - one fuck at a time
Remember the Meese Report?
 "naked rambler" Balance in Sex Education
Gustav Klimt Erotic Papers  
GLAY'z to release five hardcore porn titles UMD format in July

Windsor Knot: Camilla's Wedding Ensemble
Nude classics are obscene
Hindi film industry’s flirtation with sex fails to woo audiences
Sex, desire and taboos
Coventry's most famous woman is to get the Chaplin treatment
Stripper Sells Her Implant
The good ol' days, when porn was still fun
Vagina Monologes
Academy Awards
Battered Nude Statue 
Suppressed Desire
Naked Sinéad pic set to fetch €20,000
Sex and fraud woe for Greek church
Mind The Orgasms
Sex, Lice and Chamber Pots in Pepys' London
The hotter the sex, the louder the condom
Celebs could be called in to testify in Jackson trial
Same Sex marriage debate continues in Canada
Scientist Develops Machine Said To Measure Sex Drive
Tea and Sex...advice? 
Dutch Men and Women at Odds Over Sex
Stone's Alexander - Hot hot hot!
New Divorce Rights for Calif. Gay Couples
Supreme Court approves same-sex marriage
Thais to Perform First Live Sex Change Operation
Mutiny descendants guilty in sex trial 
Feminism blurs sex differences- says church document

The Observer
An A-Z of the British and sex



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Clark Gable's sex life exposed
David Bret's new book, Clark Gable: Tormented Stars, describes the sexual antics of one of Hollywood's most famous stars

Women coy about masturbation
A survey of Japanese women has found that 90% think it is find for men to masturbate, but only 56% think it is OK for women

No vegansexuals please
Annie Potts, the co-director of the New Zealand Centre for Human and Animal Studies at Canterbury University, coined the term vegansexual to describe vegans who have sex only with other vegans

Why people have sex
Two researchers at the University of Texas, have found over a 100 reasons why people have sex, from out of control hormones, to celebrating a birthday

The dangers of masturbation
"A Nigerean reporter highlights the dangers of masturbation, including "nervous-depressing permanent insanity, premature death, especially for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, blood diseases, inability to perform sexual act naturally, etc".

70-year-old sells sex
"A grandmother aged 77 says she has been a prostitute for 25 years, and probably New Zealand's oldest"

The Bible: source of erotic porn
Although the Bible does criticize some elements of sexuality, it contains much eroticism, and is a little liberal on prostitution and multiple marriages

Harry Potter gets his kit off
Actor Daniel Radcliff is appearing in a new stage play, Equus, as a stable-hand who has an erotic fixation with horses

Men would rather sleep with Beckham than Posh
A new survey has revealed with more straight men would sleep with David Beckham, than his wife Victoria.

Britney plans nude portrait
Perhaps inspired by the nude portrait scene in the movie Titanic, Britney Spears is apparently considering a nude portrait of herself

Dolphin dildoes a hit
A German man who has been producing Dolphin-shaped dildoes for a few years, and other novelty shapes, produces about 4000 a day.

13 of the Best Sex Myths exposed
Britain's Mirror newspapers discovers whether men have a higher sex drive, and whether it's possible to get pregnant during your period.

Air sex or Air Head?
Air sex is based on air guitar, where participants can't get hold of the real thing. The current air sex world champion is Cobra.

Do it Like The Dinasaurs
Very little is known about the sex lives of the dinosaurs, with researchers trying to find out how stegosaurs mated without stabbing each other, and whether the reptiles had true penises

Is sexually explicit writing cheap?
IN HIS ESSAY WHY ARE YOU Telling Me All This? Kingsley Amis argues that sexually explicit writing betrays an unconscionable failure of tact that reduces its author "to the same moral level as the chap you make sure of avoiding at the pub".

Rude trademark rejected
Like many standup comedians, Cathy Carlson has a signature line in her act: “You cum like a girl.” Though not as suit-and-tie quaint as Rodney Dangerfield’s “I don’t get no respect,” it’s all hers.

Erotic art collection displayed
Grandmother Naomi Wilzig has spent many years building one of the largest collections of erotic art, amounting to over 4000 pieces

The traditional aphrodisiac
Ginger has been promoted as a natural way to increase the libido. And tomatoes, once known as love apples, were apparently recommended by Puritans

Britney nude and pregnant
Singer Britney Spears has appeared on the cover of Harpers Bazaar, nude and pregnant

Celebrity Sex Quotes
Hollywood News has announced its top 10 sex quote, from Rodney Dangerfield's "Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night", to Woody Allen's: "Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand!"

25 sexiest novels
Editor Jim Petersen has recently put the list together for Playboy. Susie Bright interviews him, to see whether they have any books in common

Kiss and go to jail
Indonesia is considering making kissing in public illegal, as well as erotic dancing

Hysteria and the vibrator
Known as 'hysterical paroxysm', orgasms were not properly understood in the 19th century, though early vibrators provided the cure.

Good good good good Vibrations
Fabled San Francisco co-op Good Vibrations brought 'adult novelties' out of the closet in the 1970s. Now it's ditching its socialist roots to try to grab its share of the billion-dollar industry it spawned.

Penis size improved by diet
It's often been suggested that pesticides can affect fertility, but there is also a suggestion that they can affect penis size.

Baby boomers and the sexual revolution
Maryland Professor Robin Sawyer says that the baby boomer's sexual revolution never really ended, and while they helped to change sexual attitudes, today's kids live in a more sexualised culture

30th anniversary of the Hite Report
Criticised for her survey on female sexuality, the ex-model and author Shere Hite has also critised raunch culture.

Prison bans porn magazine
Pennsylvania's state prison system has stopped inmates from receiving porn mags, and will soon classify their ownership as contraband.

British women less promiscuous
A new survey from Sheffield University suggests that young women might not be as promiscuous as previous research

French snigger at the Americans
The French make light of the American attitude to sex, and perhaps they have a point.

007 prepared to go nude
Actor Daniel Craig who is to play the next James Bond, has said that he doesn't mind going nude if the part demands it

It’s 90ft, nude and straddles a college
Scotland is to have its own Angel of the North in the shape of a controversial 90ft nude woman statue made of multi-colored steel.

Are the 1970s sex key parties for real?'s Jen Miller investigates whether party-goers swapped partners from a pot of car keys.

Erotic fair features live sex shows, porn 
TURIN, Italy—If kinky sex were an Olympic sport, Manya the porn star says she'd lick even the biggest athletes.

A history of celebrity sex videos
Before, scandal; now, perhaps entry to big time

China censors erotic images
China has now removed a link to a section of Web site that featured erotic photographs, even though erotic art is accepted, but pornography is still illegal.

Searching for the G spot
It took decades for society to come to grips with the Copernican solar system, years to put together a complete quantum mechanical description of the atomic nucleus, and so we shouldn't be surprised that sexologists are still grappling with the G spot.

National Geographic special unveils science of love
Pretty much every year around Valentine's Day, someone will run a show about why humans fall in love, which is always a decent programming idea since it never hurts to know what's actually going on during your date.

China Gender Imbalance
Those who assist others with fetal gender selection that leads to abortion will be jailed, according to a revision to the Criminal Law that was discussed by top legislators yesterday.

Saying No To Penguins
Film-maker LUC JACQUET refused to include footage of penguins copulating in his new movie documentary THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS - because it would be pornographic.

Sex on TV 'wildly unrealistic
Canadian woman report sex lives far from orgasms on demand and making love hanging from a chandelier, writes Misty Harris.

About Britain's first ever sex survey
The 1949 Mass Observation Project was the first to find out about the sex life of the British, but the results were considered so outrageous that they were never made public.

Monsters, Witchcraft, Devil Worship and Skin Mags
Take a look at the eye-rolling cult copies of yesteryear.

Feature Review
Bloody and sexy and undeniably epic, Rome is another win for HBO. It's not Deadwood or The Sopranos, but it's a tremendous achievement nonetheless. "Not the best HBO has to offer" still means "better than almost anything on television."  Click Here for review

Naked Sculpture Revealed
A statue of a naked, pregnant woman with no arms has been unveiled on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth.

Not feeling sexual
About one percent of the population never feel any sexual attraction to anyone, according to a study on asexuality published in the Journal of Sex Research.

Christian porn
The New Zealand Silo Theatre is putting on a performance of My Brother and I are pornstars which has an R18 rating for its hyper mania, violence, nudity and Christian porn.

Leonard Nimoy and Erotica (believe it or not) 
The name Leonard Nimoy is immutably associated with Spock, the beloved Star Trek character he portrayed on television and later in the Star Trek movies. But unknown to many is that Leonard Nimoy is an accomplished poet, novelist, and erotic photographer.

Male sex drug is being used to keep mum alive
Doctors welcome results with woman who had three years to live. A YORKSHIRE mother with a serious heart condition is being kept alive by large amounts of a Viagra-like drug in a pioneering medical trial.

Ancient Phallus Comes To Light
A sculpted and polished phallus found in a German cave is among the earliest representations of male sexuality ever uncovered, researchers say.

Marilyn Monroe's first orgasms
Recently released transcripts show that the sex symbol was very grateful to Dr. Ralph Greenson for helping her achieve multiple orgasms.

From Freud to Lloyd, all the talk about female orgasm
Lest we get too caught up in this year's 100th anniversary of Einstein's special relativity theory, it should be noted that 2005 also marks the centennial of Sigmund Freud's theory of vaginal orgasm.

"It is impossible to obtain a conviction for sodomy from an English jury. Half of them don't believe that it can physically be done, and the other half are doing it."  - W Churchill

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