Britney Spears' Clitoris   
by Karen Fish

Very few people are aware that the Volvo automobile is named after the woman's vulva. Even less men are aware of what the vulva is. The President of Volvo Automobiles is a guitar player by the name of Leif Johannson. The current as of today husband of Britney Spears and father of her son Sean is a 28 year old back up dancer by the name of K-Fed. Sean is Kevin's third child. He had two children with Shar Jackson. Kevin is the former back up dancer for Britney's true love Justin Timberlake. She wrote around 200 broken heart songs after Justin dumped her, and then she married Kevin as a dig at Justin, like he cared. Justin has more women than Warren Beatty and he's Gay like Perry Mason and Rock Hudson, only in a more obvious way. This was the inside reason of why Britney French kissed Madonna.

Britney Spears proposed to Kevin Federline on an airplane. He replied, "Not before I see your clitoris, Doris." After joining the first class mile high club, Britney said, "Do I meet with your approval?" Kevin replied, "When I get this green stuff off of my new white pants I'll let you know. I think I have post concussion syndrome." Britney replied, "I didn't know if that was a seizure or post coital depression when your head snapped back into the sink." Kevin is often spotted around L.A. wearing a hoodie, much as Britney Spears' clitoris.

The glans clitoris looks much like mini me's penis. Different women have different textured clitori and like it played with differently. Some women with large hard rubber type clitoris' like when the man bites it hard. Other women with normal clitoris' like when you flick it with medium force. Some women have extremely sensitive clitoris' and you must play with it extremely slowly and softly hardly even touching it.

Prior to the discovery of the clitoris in 1559 by Real Colombo M.D., sex was more normal, more high school. Now that men know where the clitoris and the Graffenburg Spot are located, sex has turned more into a performance than a spontaneous act of long lasting foreplay and passion. Sex could now be made into an Olympic contest called "Getting the Woman to Come." Many are called but few are chosen. This is why many singers like Whitney Houston have resorted to drugs, out of sexual frustration and lack of intimacy. Speaking of lack of intimacy, on January 3, 2003 Britney married Jason Alexander for 5 hours. Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer were shocked to say the least. The only one in attendance was Neuman. Britney Spears was named "Woman of the Century" by VH1. She has been the most searched name on Yahoo for the past three years. At The Temple of Love, unlike in the Hadith, we do not endorse clitoridectomy or Pepsi. Jenna Bush's fear of clitoridectomy was the root cause of the invasion of Iraq. The Apocalypse cannot come a moment too soon.

About the Author

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love


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