They Call it Dendrophilia...

Dendrophilia refers to those people who are turned on by trees.  Yes, sexually aroused by foliage.

Because trees were ancient symbols of fertility, they presented a visual embodiment of growth.  In some old rites, the virile males would go out into the forest and ejaculate on the trunks of the trees, as a symbolic fertilization of Gaia.  

An observer of the Mehinaku tribe of South America during the 1960's, had this to say - 


"I have been able to find only two other stories of masturbation and in both, mena re the principal actors.  In one tale, we learn of a man who discovered a remarkably gratifying hole in a tree, which he began to use to the exclusion of his wife and girlfriends.  In the second story, the man made an artificial vagina tof leavves to which he became similarly attached."


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