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Lesbian Sex Magic

Woman-to-woman relationships present differences in the arena of faith and spirituality, unless partners are ready and armed with insight and calm. Most people would say that lesbian spirituality isn’t any different than t he spirituality practiced by straight couples. Although there are more similarities than differences, a woman-loving-woman situation can present spiritual questions not otherwise encountered.  

If the lesbian couple is pagan, many Dianic paths are available to explore together, women celebrating womanspirit without the influence of the male potential.  Much of what resides at the core of Lesbian paganism is a deep and lasting affinity with the Goddess power. Lesbian pagans can relate in a different way to the Earth Mother.  

A pagan path, isolating the male potential, can secrete unbalanced energies. However, lesbian pagans generally acknowledge that each human being holds within herself the duality of energies. We are a culmination of both male and female potential, having gathered this “experience” from lives lived and wisdom gained. We each carry both genetic possibilities, among other scientific “dualities”.  

Lesbian lovers can celebrate as pagans, without feeling the lack of male power, simply by acknowledging that power in ourselves. For rituals such as the Great Rite, many lesbian couples choose to take on the role of male or female for the sake of the ritual. Others choose to disengage themselves from rituals of fertility and dual-sex.  

No matter the path a pagan lesbian takes, one thing is certain. She has come to embrace the core spirit within her. If she has taken a spiritual same-sex partner, they, as a couple, will celebrate love as a spiritual foundation. Love has no definition and needs no boundaries. Love knows no gender.  

As a meditation, the women lovers can engage in different sexual practices to “power” sex magic. For example, the use of toys, dildos, etc, would be less preferable than the act of mutual oral pleasuring (69).  The ritual of oral contact at the same time, ensures that energy-flow is open and circular, allowing the power to flow from vulva to mouth dually. If visualization is strong and both partners understand the pattern of energy flow in a sixty-nine situation, the power raised can be awe-inspiring. 

Alternatives for the male principle in sex ritual can present a challenge ripe for solving. Herbs, crystals and woods (no pun intended) all have some which are female and some which are male principled. Choosing some of each for a ritual can present the universe with a gender-balanced merging.  

That being said, the lesbian couple must feel free enough to acknowledge only the feminine principle if they so choose. A gender balance is NOT essential to a spiritual path. On the contrary, if two loving women can begin to understand themselves and their universe, celebrating love and life, then they are on the right path. For that is the core of spirituality… self-acceptance and love. 


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