Divine Union
The Sacred Art of Relationship
According to Estara

Divine Union: The Sacred Art of Relationship according to Estara   
by David S. Brooks

Sacred Sexuality is one of the most potent experiences we can have as human beings. To experience Divine Union in all its power and beauty is to participate in the dance of creation. The physical aspect of this sacred dance comes so naturally; we sometimes need to be reminded to consciously direct our energy to that place of higher creativity and purpose.

A new awakening is taking place, a resurfacing of ancient truths, most poignantly embodied by the sacred union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene--a merging of divine feminine and divine masculine that religious dogma has enshrouded for centuries. They are the role models of a divine union relationship--a co-creative partnership of equality. The union of masculine and feminine polarities is fundamental in the quantum physics of creation. The Vesica Piscis is a sacred geometrical pattern that represents divine union. Its two identical, interlocking circles signify two polarities, the magnetic and electric, coming together to form a trinity. This geometry occurs when a planet is being born and when the first 2 cells of a human being form in the womb. The Vesica Piscis affirms that we need both the feminine and masculine in equal proportions for creation to occur and to keep all life in balance.

Mary Magdalene represents the divine feminine and Jesus represents the divine masculine. The lack of acknowledgment of Mary Magdalene and of the divinity of the feminine has created a state of imbalance that permeates all life. Feelings of inequality have set up boundaries between women and men. In order for sacred union to occur--individually and globally--the illusion of separation has to be healed. We must dissolve duality and clear our energy channels of judgments that create disconnection from the feminine principles--from the body and emotions--reclaim the sacredness of sexual and spiritual union and embrace a relationship of co-creation.

One of the foundations of my work as a sound and movement educator is balancing the feminine and masculine energy. Through breath, movement and sound techniques, I guide women and men to open and clear the physical, emotional and energetic bodies to re-connect with their bodies and with currents of creative energy. In my classes on Embodying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, we explore the core energetic qualities of the feminine and masculine. Accessing and fusing these energies together can create the potential for a sensational experience in the body of an alchemical process of creation. Reclaiming the Feminine and Embodying the Qualities of Venus One of the key qualities of feminine energy is receptivity. When we think of receptivity, it seems to imply that we are receiving something from outside of us. However, the feminine quality of receptivity is actually about deeply receiving our self. Venus energy represents total receptivity of one's sensuality--sensing our self on a deep emotional and physical level and actually merging our emotional energy field with our physical body's energy field. Both of these are feminine in nature: body being the element of earth and form, and the emotional energy current running through the body being the element of water. Women are receptive by nature and can easily relate to the energies of Venus. Men can improve the quality of their intimate relationships--and amplify the bliss they feel--by connecting with the Venusian side of their own nature. By opening their energy field through surrender and embodying the feminine principle of receptivity, they open their floodgates of ecstasy. Regardless of gender, increased sensuality comes from surrendering to our emotional senses while maintaining our connection with our bodies. When we can deeply receive our self, we experience our own subtle energies flowing through our body. This deep receptive state requires surrender, trust and total self-acceptance.

One key thing that makes the dance of union sacred is the love and acceptance of Self. We must have total acceptance of Self in order to surrender deeply and allow full freedom of expression to occur. Through loving and accepting our Self we open the door to ecstatic experience of our Self. This means total acceptance of the body, emotions, every aspect of our-self, and beyond that--acceptance of our divinity.

E-motional Body The emotional body needs to be fully embraced. Since the second chakra deals with our e-motions and sexuality, these two are intimately linked together. Sexual energy is emotional and creative, adding juice to help manifest our desires. The feminine energy brings mastery of our emotions--a receptivity that allows us to feel the subtleties of our creative power. The emotional body, which has been suppressed and belittled, is the very thing we need for full mastery as conscious creators. Both men and women need to regain full connection with the emotional body in order for the ecstatic bliss of sacred union to be fully experienced and expressed through the whole body.

The achievement of full body orgasm, the ecstatic pulsation of spirit in human form, requires the release of all judgments about the physical body and its experiences. Soaring to the heights of sacred sexual union requires that we delve deeply into the sensory experience of our body and the emotional energy that moves inside of us. By being so connected with our physical body and the tangible experience of it while simultaneously surrendering to the e-motional body, we can allow the fluid energy of our e-motions to flow freely through us. Having unconditional acceptance of our emotions, the raw energy-in-motion, allows it to flow into the place of balance in the heart--where transformation occurs and we can access our pure creative potential.

Surrender & Presence In order to experience a sacred unified field with a partner, one must first experience an inner alchemy, connecting with the internal qualities of feminine and masculine energy. Two important factors for bringing this experience into the body are Surrender and Presence--core energetics that must be experienced equally. Surrender being feminine energy and Presence being masculine energy, the equilibrium between them creates the place of pure potentiality--non-duality, void, a unified quantum field. The state of being truly present brings us into full sensory experience, and surrender prepares us to receive divine impulse. When these essential elements of an ecstatic and powerful Tantric union are in balance, a portal opens and we can really feel our energy flowing. There is a lightness of being and we feel as if we are being held - like we are receiving energy instead of expending it. We feel connected to our heart and our truth as we are suspended in effortless union.

Preparing for Sacred Union By awakening the subtle flows within the body, the alchemical transformation and union begins. The combination of breath, movement, and harmonic frequencies tone up the inner energy channels. Connecting our breath with our body is vitally important. Shallow breathing and periods of unconsciously holding our breath scatters mental focus and allows emotional chaos to arise--suppressing emotional release. Shallow breathing is a pattern that reflects unprocessed emotional energy. And shallow breathing equals shallow orgasms.

The sensory experience of breath entering our body becomes an anchor that drops us out of our mind's chatter and gets us into the body. Breath, movement and sound open the energy centers so there is more space for spirit to merge with our form. While breathing, moving, and sounding, we have the opportunity to be deeply receptive to our emotions. By using breath, sound and movement we can open and cleanse the energy centers and release emotions that block the potential for full creativity and sexual ecstasy.

Movement can be used to open up our vibrational field and release old energies. Movement creates space to allow more breath to come into our body. Movement can also be used consciously to stimulate sensory experience in the body. In my classes people are always amazed when they feel breath in places that they never felt before. Suddenly they feel a connection with their body, more energy flow and a deep sense of body spirit union.

Sound is a beautiful way to become grounded in the present while preparing for divine union. Sacred Sex is a vibrational connection. Like musical instruments, we are vibrating matter, and before we can even consider unifying with another--our two notes creating harmonic resonance together--we must first attune ourselves to our own vibration. As our energy channels open up, and we develop a sense of our unique tonal frequency, we awaken a deeper experience of creative--and sensual--potential.

I use special sound healing instruments in my classes and interactive ritual performances to bring listeners into harmonic resonance. Similar to sacred bells and chimes, these instruments deliver pure tonal frequencies. One of the frequency combinations is the Sacred Geometry of the Vesica Piscis--the musical ratio of divine union. By vocalizing with these frequencies, we can come into harmonic resonance with the divine union relationship. The voice can be a powerful tool, connecting us with our body and emotions. The sound of our voice and specific sound frequencies can stimulate the release of blocked energy and open the portals of the senses--helping to prepare us for vibrational union with our partner.

Relationship - The Alchemy of Divine Union Once we have connected with our body, opened up the subtle energy flow and brought the internal energies of the feminine and masculine into equilibrium, we are ready to connect with another. When we are both in our essence, in union with ourselves, we can become conscious of the alchemy of the relationship that is being created between us. Within the sacred relationship, we are two beings enjoined and vibrating in harmony. Breathing in sync, heartbeats in rhythm, we create a third field of energy, the trinity of the Vesica Piscis. This is the alchemy called relationship.

The sacred relationship is a place where our frequencies merge and all aspects of separation are lost. The thing we have in common is the new relationship that has arisen. So we sit in this unified field together--two empty vessels--and allow the subtle energy flows of this union to surround, engulf, and flow through us. We watch it unfold, its uniqueness the flowering of a subtle alchemy between two people without expectation. When you don't need the experience to be anything predetermined, you allow the highest force of the universe to flow through. There is no separation, no ego that needs identity--just pure cosmic flow.

This presents a pathway to enlightenment--a vibrational experience that opens the energy field to divine love, divine light, divine oneness and creation. Mary Magdalene and Jesus were models of divine union, the expression of spirit in human form. Reintegrating the Divine Feminine completes the circuit of energy essential for divine union. This is why Mary Magdalene is such a crucial aspect - because of the divine feminine role she played with Jesus. The two energies were needed to access higher dimensional realms.

Our body is the sacred doorway to ecstatic union with the Divine. Through a union based on purpose and intention, aligned in our hearts, we open ourselves to a higher directive. The feminine principle is our connection to embody spirit in form. Once the temple of the body has been fully reclaimed--through self-acceptance, total surrender and full presence--the Divine Union of the feminine and masculine opens a channel for pure bliss.

Estara is a visionary, author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance and recording artist. She gives presentations and facilitates workshops on the power of sound and utilizes the newest in cutting-edge scientific sound technologies in her programs. She is the director of Earth Consciousness Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to higher evolutionary education, research and practical applications of new technologies to assist humanity in manifesting it's highest potential.

Estara facilitates personal and group retreats and leads tours to sacred sites worldwide. Her next tour is September 18 - 27, 2007 to the sacred sites of Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Ireland during the Autumnal equinox. For tour information, please visit Edge of World Retreats or call 619.461.0187. - David S. Brooks

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