History of Fellatio
A head of its time 

It’s odd to think that a sexual behavior could have a history.  Would it not stand to reason that its history would in fact be humankind’s own history.  For example, if we are to take the road of biblical beginnings, fellatio would be as old as Adam and Eve.  That is, if Adam actually was a “typical” male and wanted fellatio quite a bit.  There, we run into the argument that Adam cannot be a typical male, as research must have a basis in numbers.  If Adam were indeed the first man, then “typical” cannot exist at that point in our infant history. 

Let’s examine for a moment the evolutionary theories of our rise to two legs, escape from the sea and subsequent playing with fire, wheels and the parts between our legs. 

We have primitive man.  We have a procreative behavior that produces offspring.  But, we were also given the orgasm.  The orgasm is designed in a woman to help move the sperm from the vagina via muscle contractions, into the uterus and the awaiting egg.  In males, the orgasm is the “push” of creation, sending millions of sperm bursting forth to their appointment with destiny. 

Now let’s examine the mouth.  Womens’ mouths in particular.  The tissues of the mouth, the sucking motion, all mimic the vagina at the time of female orgasm.  See where this is going?  Now add to that a week out of every month that a woman cannot participate in the fun of creation, not to mention a few hormonal bursts that send any possibility of fun far far away. 

The proof of fallacious behavior can be found in ancient Egyptian art and in the calling of fellatio “sore throat”, the Old Testament and more recently, Greek and Roman poetry.  The ancient Greeks called cock-sucking “playing the flute”.  Quaint, when second only to the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, Greek society carried the ancient stigma of homosexuality and rampant gay sex. 

News flash – Yes the rumors of near-pedophilic behavior in Greece were edging on truth.  Masters would take on pupils, always male.  The older teacher/younger male student relationship took on near-godlike proportion as the State grew and the religions of the time settled in, no longer ignoring the debauchery practiced by some deities. The Greeks looked the other way when the relationship seemed a bit strained from an outside point of view. 

Fellatio continued to be practiced throughout the medieval world. Although lumped with sodomy, it held popularity as something that “held little significance under the umbrella of adultery…”, unlike anal sex which required actual anal intercourse.  According to twentieth century sex research and polls, over 65% of people feel that any sort of fucking is “cheating”, yet for the penis to be in a mouth, be stimulated by a mouth and orgasm in a mouth isn’t “cheating”.  Boggles the mind. 

“Mouth Congress” in the Kama Sutra describes the most erotic and stimulating way to fellate your partner, exciting him with tongue and teeth.  It is spoken of in the sacred text as something completely within the realm of normal, moving toward highly erotic, provided the social prerequisites are met.  The basic problem with the Kama Sutra, in this writer’s opinion, is that its dryness more than kills the practical value. 

Throughout many of the more primitive cultures in Africa and beyond, penis sucking is used to replace sex as a form of birth control.  Apparently these “primitives” have a better handle on the prevention of pregnancy than many more civilized cultures appeared to possess. Many understand that the stimulation of the cock, by mouth and hand, can result in a harder, bigger erection, thus leaving the woman or male partner better satisfied. 

"Throughout the Arab world, the slang word for fellatio is qerdz. In Tunisia, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, and farther, to Malaya, from which there is this sex-party account: The scene is the same all over the room. While the man lies at full length on a couch or sits reclined in a chair, the boy-kneeling or stooping-holds and kisses his penis, sucks it, and receives the emission of semen in his mouth, right up to the very last drop. “ 

It really doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to believe that humankind has been at cock-sucking as long as we’ve been in existence.  No longer can we fool ourselves, believing that we invented this behavior.  Humans,  unlike animals, do not cleanse their genitals with their tongues. Perhaps being able to orally please each other makes up for this little physical faux pas. 

Or perhaps, humans being the resourceful characters we are, celebrate ways to enjoy the acts of procreation, reveling in the variations of fucking and pleasuring available to us. 

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