Feun Shui from the scrolls of sex history
 The ancient art balancing the body, environment and mind

For those who feel their bodies need some balance, feng shui can be as good for you as any other possible fix for sex drive, passion and more. 

For your reading interest, here are some very informative and jam-packed sites on this very subject.  These sites contain far more information than I could possibly sum up for you individually.


What is Feng Shui Sex?

“Feng Shui Sex is my term for describing the quality of sex between two people regardless of their preference.  It is the application of feng shui theories to improve sexual quality and intimate relationships.  Just like using feng shui for an environment, to ensure comfort and sense of balance or warmth in a space, it is vital to make sure furniture size matches room size.  In Feng Shui Sex, this translates knowing how to match the sex drives or energies and organs of partners.”



History of Feng Shui and Womens' Part in it

Feng Shui, as a practical philosophy, exists before the Chinese learn to write. The ancient wise people used the most original and basic binary form of "Yin" and "Yang" to reason the events of the world around them.

The process of prediction & validation had been going on for thousands of years before there was a wisest of all called FuXi (pronounced 'ph-she'), who put it in writing in the form of Ba-Gua. Although the legend uses "he, him, his ' when they refer to FuXi (ph-she) or as 'father of...', 'king of....' , the archaeologists and historians believe FuXi was a group of women. This group of women were advisers to the chief of the ancient matriarchy tribe lived in today's northwest China called FuXi.



Inside Sex with Extatica

Feng Shui and Romance with Shannon Lee Turner, Feng Shui consultant and founder of Tranquil Spaces Design Group.



Feng Shui and Love

A house's feng shui can influence its resident's love relationships. However, the effects vary because everyone is unique and lives in different houses. Nonetheless, there are some general characteristics that create single or lonely people such as life long bachelors and bachelorettes or widows and widowers.



Feng Shui for Sex

Sex is a word you utter in whispers, eyes darting guiltily in all the directions. However, the masters and scholars are not silent about employing Feng Shui to improve one's love life. Among the nine areas that Feng Shui divides life into is Marriage & Relationship Corner. This area needs to be seen with the proverbial microscope to find any imbalance in the three elements that apply to this area (Earth, Fire and Wood) and in Yin and Yang energies. Every element present (or absent) in Marriage & Relationship Corner has to be identified and its influence measured.




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