Natural Woman

"Natural Hairy, Dreadlocked Hemp Wearing Barefoot Earth-loving Goddesses"



The Goddess of Living Stone

Cool to the touch or blistering with the summer heat. She is the majesty of mountains and the awe inspiring depth of the great canyons. From her crystal form comes the statues of the gods. She is the base upon which all living form is built. She is the bones of the world.



The Green Lady

Vines twisting and writhing, strong willow and slender reeds. She is the lady of forests and the midnight sun. Roots so deep they are married to the earth. She is the Goddess of growth and decay, life and death of the forest, the circle of rebirth. The lady in black.




The Crow Goddess

The crows gather in a sacred circle, far from the eyes of humans. To pay homage to the goddess and seek her counsel. She is the lady of mystery, the binder of the flock. She is the bright smile of summer and the unflinching stare of frosty winter. She is the spiral dance of the crow. She watches always, straddling the river with one foot on each bank.




The Goddess of Running Streams

Laughing, darting, playing. Like running white water over moss covered stones, she is cool and clear, quick and deep. Great strength is held within this Goddess. Often thought of as playful and fun, she can also hold great danger to those unfamiliar with her swift currents and swirling eddies. Still, if one is to drown, what depths better?



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