vampire embrace

You sit in the large leather wing chair to the right of the great hearth. Watching the others in the room with that observant green gaze of yours. You sip your drink, smiling when pulled into conversation. Your legs are crossed, the crisp crease in your pants, still defined, assuring that air of quality. You follow the moving people, watching most of them leave, being shown out by the housekeeper. You watch the flames dance in the fire ...and then your gaze falls on me. Your eyes play around my form, accented in black gauze. A smile plays on your lips as you hold out your hand to me. I turn and close the large doors to the room, making sure they are secure.

When I turn back to you, you are smiling fully now, sending flashes of energy to my body. I can feel it entering me. I walk slowly to you, the firelight playing on my curves. I stop before your chair and meet your gaze. From that moment I am lost. I've never belonged to a man such as the connection we have so defines my existence now.

I see my heartbeat in those green eyes.....and I melt into them. My body shivers even with the warmth from the fire. You stand, and I look up into those eyes. They keep me locked in your space and time. I am unable or unwilling to let the lock go. Before you the firelight, I untie the belt holding my dress on. The belt drops to the floor and I slip first one shoulder and then the other out of my gown, letting it drop to my hips, leaving your gaze boldly on my exposed breasts. I feel my nipples harden under your scrutiny, exciting me even more.

You reach for me, pulling me hard into you...finding my mouth with your hungry tongue. Exploring my mouth, you draw a moan from me, and feel my body shiver under your touch. You cup my breast with one hand, finding the hard nipple and rolling it firmly between your finger tips. I growl deep in my chest while your teeth nip gently at my lips.

Your hand leaves my breast, and your arm slips around me , holding me close to you. My body beats wildly for you, so I relax in your tight embrace. You pull back from our kiss and look deep into my eyes again. I feel you lift my one leg and let it come to rest, knee bent, on the arm of the large leather chair.

I moan loudly as I feel your fingertips trace patterns on my inner thighs. I close my eyes and await the gentle touch I feel is coming. And I I feel your fingers plunge deeply into my wet body almost without warning. My legs open wider as you move them hard in and out of me, pulling me closer to the edge.

I grind myself against your hand, my nipples hard against your chest. You keep your arm tightly around my waist....holding me firm, as you stare into my half closed eyes. You lick my lips slowly drawing your tongue down my neck, never stopping that wondrous rhythm of your hand working against me, grinding into me. I look at you through the haze of my mounting orgasm, and you smile at me as you begin to move your thumb over my hard clit, rubbing the tiny bud in gentle circles. My body tenses, my hands circle your shoulders, my leg still up on the arm of the chair. I kiss your mouth hard as I come on your hand. Hot wetness drips from me as your fingers guide me thru a strong wave of pleasure. I hold myself close against you, feeling defenseless against the thunderous pleasure you draw from my body. 

You hold me close as I try to catch my laugh softly in my ear, whispering that it is only the beginning. You withdraw your hand and my body relaxes against you. You reach down and scoop me up in your arms, carrying me up the massive stairs to the master bedroom. The huge canopied bed awaits us....spread rolled down, candles lit all over the room. 

You lay me down on the bed, naked and waiting. I watch as you undress, taking in every view of your nakedness. I smile as I watch hand playing lightly with the wetness between my legs. I open them wider and watch as your gaze is fixed on my fingers as they slip into my body, moving in and out. 

You move to the bed, kneel at the side, and slide me over to your waiting mouth. You lock your lips around my wet opening and begin to run your tongue in circles over my clit, making me writhe on the bed, pushing myself hard against your mouth. 

I push away from you and move further up on the bed. I look at you and beckon you to lie beside me. I turn myself round so that I can take you in my mouth. So that I can taste all of you. So that I can become familiar with your scent again. I groan deeply as I take you completely into my mouth, my lips massaging the base of your hardness. I feel you open my legs wide and bury your mouth in my wetness once again. Oh Gods you feel so good! lick me and suck the wetness from me. You tease me and grind your tongue against my sensitive parts.

You move your mouth from my body, rolling me over onto my stomach. I pull my legs up so that I am kneeling and I feel you push my shoulders hard back down onto the bed, leaving my bottom completely exposed to you. I try to move but you have my shoulders pinned gently with your left hand. You push your cock into me slowly at first, then thrusting hard in one stroke, until you're buried deep inside my wetness. You stop moving, letting me push myself hard against you, breathing hard, pushing into you. You draw yourself out with one fast move and position yourself at my ass. I gasp into the pillow, knowing what wondrous sensation is coming. And I wait, my body exposed to you, vulnerable and needing your release.

Slowly, teasing me, you push the head into my secret opening, sliding easily as my juices wet the way. And you stop. My muscles tighten around you as this opening adjusts itself to you. And in one smooth motion, you push your body against me, burying your hardness in my ass. I gasp as I'm filled, pain flashing briefly thru the experience, edging me to orgasm again. You wait a moment as i relax slightly around you. I am ready....and I thrust myself back against you, burying you deeper still in my body. I cry out your name as my body rushes toward yours, searching for this sweet violation. I thrust against you, grinding myself into you, wanting you deeper and deeper inside me. I grow silent as another wave of release racks my body, as I shudder and push myself against you. I shake with the pleasure, unable to breath. Again you laugh quietly in my ear, telling me what a delight I am.

I lay down on the bed as you let me go, trying hard to catch my breath. You lay down beside me, having freshened up with the waiting hot towels. You look at me and smile, enjoying my flushed and shaking body, knowing you did this to me. I meet your gaze and smile back at you, my nipples hardening as I look into your eyes. 

I draw my finger down your neck, once again feeling the pulse of the vein at your throat. I shiver again, feeling the hunger welling up inside me. I look deep into your electrifying green eyes again, waiting for permission. And I finally see it in your gaze.

I reach over and take something from the nightstand. I move my body down yours, leaving a trail of sweet kisses down your body. I take your cock into my mouth once again, tasting the shaft as it slides into my throat. I draw my head up and lick the tip in circles, swirling around your hardness. I move my mouth slowly along your groin, teasing as i go. Moving my mouth down your inner thigh, you feel my hair sweep softly over your balls, and you moan softly. I chose a spot on your inner thigh, and lick it for a moment. I look up the length of your body and see your eyes once again on me. I bring my right hand up and draw the tiny razor blade across the skin of your inner thigh, making a small cut in your skin. I hear you gasp, a deep growl escaping your lips. I quickly take your balls into my mouth to further excite you. I watch, mesmerized by the trickle of your blood as it begins to run freely. I lick the line of blood into my mouth and lock my lips around the cut. I push your legs further open to take what is mine for this moment. I feel your thigh muscles quiver as I drink deeply from you. You can feel the blood move from your body into my mouth as I take in more and more. I feel you begin to relax as I drink in a steady rhythm. I reach my right hand down and put my middle finger deep inside me, getting it thoroughly wet. As I suck at the wound, I gently push my wet finger into your ass, moving it slowly but surely into you. I move it in and out slowly and feel you begin to quiver. I pull my mouth back, and after meeting your half-gaze, I lick the cut and it closes. 

I sit up slightly and you pull me hard to you. I feel the raw power in your limbs as you hold me hard against you, knowing the beast is allowed to merge with me. Only let out around me. Suppressed with others, but unable to contain itself with me. Needing the blood I can fill the beast with. You look at me once again....and sink your teeth into my neck, biting hard thru the skin to fill your mouth and soul with my blood. I cry out as I feel the sharp pain of penetration in my neck, my body shaking with an unreleased orgasm. You drink deeply of me, drifting off into the half world of the hungering Kindred. I position my body over you, while your mouth is fastened tightly on my neck. And I plunge my wetness over you, needing to feel you inside me...needing you in me to the hilt as you drink from me. 

I rock my body against yours, while your arm remains locked tightly around me, holding me there as you drink deeply. I grind myself into you, locking your hard cock tightly inside me, pushing myself at you until you are buried deep inside me. I squeeze hard with my muscles. You feel me milking you and you push harder into me. You groan into my neck, drawing in the last mouthful of hot blood from me. You look into my eyes again, yours unfocused, feeling the heat of my body as you plunge yourself into me over and over again...harder, faster....

You hold me close, meeting my thrusts, trying to crawl into my soul as I draw you in. You whisper "come for me now" and my body is hit with the next waves of pleasure as you reach deeper and deeper into me. I lose all control and jam myself down onto you hard, screaming out my orgasm, crying to you that I'm cumming. I feel you shudder, eyes locked onto mine. I feel you stiffen inside me as I explode around you. You cry out loudly.......and i feel your hotness spurt into me, heating my insides with it's intensity. You drive your self hard into me, and again,...each time gasping as the orgasm takes you. I shiver with the last waves of mine, and look into your face as you cum deep inside me. I whisper your name and the last and most powerful wave grips your pelvis as you slam hard into me, crying out loudly. 

I kiss you deeply, licking my blood from your lips as your waves subside. I completely relax on top of you, shaking with each muscle contraction...and delighted, I smile to myself.

V. Drake



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