Presidential Sex Scandals
from Jefferson to Clinton and a few in between


"Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is."
       -  Barbara Bush


A rundown on a few presidents and their "moments"

Jefferson, Cleveland, Clinton and more... presidents of the United States and their sex scandals, illegitimate children, affairs and follies.  Read more from Who2




A revealing glance at the sexual behavior of our past presidents up to President Clinton. What is not said is nearly as interesting as what is.


U.S. presidents for the past two hundred years have wrestled with scandal, from Washington to Clinton.


Editorial printed in the Boston Gazette regarding Jefferson and the slave who bore him a son - 

Thou Sally, thou my house shall keep,
My widower’s tears shall dry!
My virgin daughters - see! They weep -
Their mother’s place supply.
Oh Sally hearken to my vows!
Yield up thy sooty charms -
My best beloved! My more than spouse,
Oh! Take me to thy arms.


Oldies but goodies -  

Press covers presidential sex better than stupidity

The Official Tim Russert Presidential Sex Life Questionnaire

Psychohistory? - The Phallic Presidency

Some Betty Bowers Satire



Test your trivia - 

Presidential Sex Quiz


1. Which president smoked marijuana with a nude playgirl while he joked about being too wasted to push the button in case of nuclear attack?

2. Which president alleged had affairs with both a winner AND a finalist in the Miss America pageant?

3. Which president made love to one of his secretaries stretched out atop a desk in the oval office?

4. Which president allegedly had an affair (as well as children) with a slave who was his wife's half sister?

5. Which president called his mistress Pookie?

6. Which president married a woman who hadn't yet divorced her first husband and was branded an adulterer during his re-election campaign?

7. Which future president wrote love letters to his neighbor's wife while he was engaged to someone else?

8. Which president had a torrid affair with the first lady's person secretary?

9. Which president made love to a young woman in a White House coat closet ? at one point, while a secret service agent prevented the hysterical first lady from attacking them?

10. Which president made love in a closet while telling his lover about the other president who made love in a closet (the one in Question 9]?

11. Which vice president was cheesed off because he felt that HIS record of sexual conquests was more impressive than the president's?

12. Which future president, while a college student, loved showing off his manhood (which he named Jumbo)?

(scroll down for answers)


Before he became president, what was John F. Kennedy's nickname in Palm Beach?

Jack Rabbit
Jumper Jack
Mattress Jack



1. John F. Kennedy
2. Bill Clinton
3. Lyndon B. Johnson
4. Thomas Jefferson
5. Bill Clinton
6. Andrew Jackson
7. George Washington
8. Franklin D. Roosevelt
9. Warren G. Harding
10. John F. Kennedy
11. Lyndon B. Johnson
12. Lyndon B. Johnson

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