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Does sex magick feel different from regular sex?
In sex magick we concentrate on the ritual, while in regular sex we concentrate on the fantastic physical sensations and intimate togetherness. Sex magick rituals feel very pleasurable but they do feel different. They are simply more intense. A much greater amount of sexual energy is built up due to mainly two reasons:

        When you reach the brink of orgasm you back off to later on resume arousing. This leads to a stronger felt orgasm.

        While repeating the chosen affirmation during intercourse you send up energy from the genitals to the head, so you constantly send bits of genital excitement 'away' upwards along your spine to be stored till the moment of orgasm. By concentrating on your goal you extend the moment of orgasm and reach some sort of trance.

Sometimes I notice that halfway the ritual I can already feel the magical energy working. I feel a large amount of hot energy along my spine and the chakras in my head, while the crown chakra feels like a wide opened chalice or lotus flower. The energy can cause big shiverings or emotional unloads like crying, mostly after orgasm (be prepared for this and let it happen to yourself or your partner, it clears blockages). Sex magick orgasms will be intense. And after a ritual with a partner I feel reverent and grateful, realizing that we have shared something truly meaningful. Once you know the depths and values of sex magick I wonder if a partner who would prefer to stick to 'normal' sex could any longer satisfy your needs.

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The Ancient World

Sex pervaded every aspect of life in ancient times. It was considered an important part of humanity's existence. The genitals were not considered to be obscene and in some countries they were barely covered. The decorations on Greek pottery have left us with what amounts to a film show of what life was like. Much of it is highly sexual in content: satyrs and nymphs cavort naked under the olive trees, young men and women pass by, bathing, dancing, and making love, drawn from life as the artists saw it happen. The Greeks fought their battles either naked or nearly so and saw nothing strange in it.

The Romans were less inclined to nudity but still had their festivals at which all pretence to modesty and shyness were abandoned. In fact their Bacchanalian festivals became so bad, so obscene and violent, that finally they were banned.

Meanwhile in Egypt, under the fierce heat, the women wore little more than a shift of transparent linen, while female slaves seldom wore anything more than beads and the men of the household wore a brief pleated kilt of the same material. A woolen cloak might be added at night if it grew chilly.

from "The Tree of Ecstasy: An Advanced Manual of Sexual Magic" by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. 1999. Published by Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME.


Eros, The Goddess
& the Mystery of the Clitoris
Ancient Goddess-worshipping religions, now revived by moderns disillusioned with contemporary organized religion, feature sex rituals, holy orgies, erotic art and even "sacred prostitutes." Perhaps the resurrection of these cults of Isis, Aphrodite, Kali and the rest is nothing more glorious than an effort to create some kind of belief system so that people can enjoy sexual pleasure without too much guilt. But what would be wrong with that?

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New research shows that a woman is most likely to fantasize about someone other than her spouse or current sex partner during the brief period each month when she is ovulating. The hormones that surge through her body, telling her that she has become fertile again, also cause her to look about and see if there's a better source of good genes for her offspring than the guy who just sent her roses.

And men somehow sense that change, so they pick that time to send flowers, or call the wife to see if she's really at work, or wherever she's supposed to be.

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