Sex and Satan - those naughty devil worshippers of our darker past...always on with those orgies and banquets.


With the utmost respect, faithful reader... if the idea of complete sacrilege perpetrated by would-be Crowley acolytes bothers you, then head back to the index.  This compellation of urls might not be your cup o' tea.  I sought to entertain you with the more comprehensive, yet ~cough~ realistic websites to be found on the subject of that old pervert Satan and the grand journeys of his supposedly icey cock.

Take this annotated bundle of entertainment as just that.  Although I sought to input as much "history" as I could find, it still ends up looking slightly like a pile of amateur carnivale entertainers. Keep in mind, with the good and bad websites you might find, each lends its own flavor to the world wide web.  Anyone can open a website.  No one verifies or confirms.  The sites just simply "are".  

So we'll stroll through the web, in search of Satan's sexual escapades, and hope we gather giggles or titillation along the way. 


Shall we start with The Skeptic's Dictionary?  In this case, the "devil's advocate" may take on a whole new meaning...

"Throughout the centuries, many pious religious people have erroneously considered those with certain mental or physical illnesses to be possessed by Satan.

More frequent than outright possession, however, has been the accusation of being in consort with the devil. Satan is believed to have many powers, among them the power to manifest himself in human or animal form. The consorting has been recorded as often being purely physical and mostly sexual. For most of the history of Christianity there are reports of Satan having sex with humans, either as an incubus (male devil) or succubus (female devil)."

The Skeptic's Dictionary


How about a peek at Satanic Ethics and Morality....

"Satanism is pro-sexuality. Sexuality is a pure form of pleasure, something that satisfies our deepest purpose in life. Modern life allows us to enjoy sex without the risks of unplanned pregnancies and sexual diseases assuming that sense is taken. Which it should be. Satanism supports any fetish, kink or flavor of sexual encounter as long as all parties involved are consenting. Some people like quality, some people like quantity.

A number of essays and texts by LaVey concentrate on the use and expression of sexual energy, but as social tools and energy within ritual. Boyd Rice says 'LaVey understood that wasn't one cookie-cutter for everyone [...] Sexual freedom doesn't mean having as much sex as possible, it means having the kind of sex you want.' Our strongest emotions and desires are sexual, we are sexual beings, it drives and motivates us more than any other factor.

Our sexuality is fluid: It cannot be oppressed. Denying our sexuality simply causes it's waters to flow into other areas, sometimes in very unhealthy ways, honestly and expression fare much better than repression. Satanism is informed by modern and learned psychological, medical and scientific opinions on sex, there is no dogmatic principles or religious intolerance of sexuality within Satanism. It is very optimistic, positive and healthy: This can only be expected of such a carnal religion of the flesh such as Satanism!"

Satanic Ethics and Morality


It seems, at this website, the "Real History of Satanism" is based on economy.  A rather interesting essay awaits you, with some rather preposterous suggestions, but worth a glance.  


For a bit more staid approach to Devil Worship, check out this site.  It offers a dry, but comprehensive history of at least the Middle Ages. 


Sex With A Devil

In reality, many people, men and women, have fantasies about fucking devils and incubus/succubus, etc.   A desire to be "bad" or evil, naughty and completely abandon all sense of decency...type fantasies.


Fantasies can include the incubus and succubus of legend...

"...the succubus is a demon from legend that supposedly preys on mortal men while he sleeps; a sexual vampire of sorts. The actual name has its origins from late Latin- succuba meaning prostitute, which in turn comes from medieval Latin sub cubaire meaning 'that which lies beneath'. The male version is the incubus (from Latin- 'that which lies above'). There are some sources who claim that the succubus and the incubus are one and the same creature who can change form at will to prey on mortals.
Many varying legends relate to the succubus, each influenced by the culture and socio-political context in which these legends arose."


(to be continued...)



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