More About Natural Aphrodisiacs, 
Ancient Secrets of Seduction  

by Agostino Rossi

In my previous article (see ), I introduced the idea of using natural aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual stimulation and pleasure. 

Many people may benefit from taking safe, natural products that function as aphrodisiacs to have more or better sex. Natural substances can also be used to address sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and can be used for treating impotence.

These products work by either enhancing the physical capabilities of men (better, longer-lasting, more frequent erections), or by enhancing the mood and receptivity of both men and women to engaging in sexual intercourse. As with all herbal and medical products, some work better for some people than others, and it is important to be open minded and patient in evaluating effectiveness. So, let's consider a few more natural products to set the stage for romance and passion.

Peaches: In China, some men use this fruit to enhance interest in sex. It is unknown what biochemical properties may be involved in this effect, but it is clear that a succulent, ripe, juicy peach, peeled and fed piece by piece to one's intended lover, can set the tone for the next hour or two. Be sure to use fully ripe and sweet fruit and avoid the skin, which can cause irritation to the skin and lips of sensitive people.

Pine Nuts: These small seeds of the pine tree were used in ancient Rome as an aphrodisiac. Try grinding them together with olive oil and fresh basil and adding them to pasta or use as a dip with chips.

Damiana: A type of wild yam, Damiana grows in the Baja California region of Mexico and in the West Indies. It has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. Some people report that it seems to increase the sensitivity of the genitals and induce erotic dreams when taken before bedtime. It is sometimes mixed with alcohol or served as a tea and can be purchased in capsule form on the internet.

Oysters and Mussels: Oysters are well known for their reputation as an erotic food. They are rich in the mineral zinc, which is important for the biosynthesis of testosterone, the main male sex hormone. Testosterone is vital for the male sex drive and is probably also involved in the libido of women. What many people do not know is that mussels have the same properties as oysters, and may even be more potent as a sexual stimulant.

Onions: Despite the obvious concern about a potential lover's reaction to smelling onion on the breath, in ancient Egypt and in India onions were considered an important edible aphrodisiac. Onions probably work best to enhance the mood for sex when both partners partake of this special ingredient. They can be cooked into a romantic French onion soup, or eaten raw with salt, perhaps with pleasant music in the background.

Let your lover know your purpose when you are experimenting with natural aphrodisiacs. Just entering into an erotic frame of mind with someone special can have amazing aphrodisiacal properties all on its own.

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Agostino Rossi has an extensive background in botany and biochemistry. One of his passions is studying the effects of natural remedies on human wellness.

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