Erotic Poetry


Whispering Memories
by Stasya T. Canine

I listen to the whispers
Of the silence of the wind.
They speak to me of calmness
And love that has been.

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Bright stars on the tapestry
Of the inky darkness of night
Light the dancing fires
Of our consummated love.

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Rough blankets carelessly
Caress the sweaty flesh
Recently made flush
By the pounding of our blood.

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Moments ago, the frozen time
That always moves with us
Fluttered in our minds
As we traveled without moving.

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Pubes slammed together
As our hearts filled our chests
With a hammered counterpoint
That sang of our lust.

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Clothing carelessly discarded
As laughter filled the silence
Made by gentle breezes
As they carried our love to each other.

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A future with no past,
We traveled together
As agreement was reached
About lives that had been.

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Wandering, drifting.
Destination with no journey.
Bodies in motion
While traveling nowhere.



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