Stocking Erotica and the History of Lingerie 

What drove a garment made for function to the erection-causing fetish it has become today?  Is it the actual appearance of stockings, lingerie and high heels?  After polling over two hundred a list of one hundred subscribers, we have discovered that the majority (74%) thought that lingerie was designed for the purpose of attraction.  In other words, nearly ĺ of the people we talked to said that they thought lingerie has always been designed as a sex aid, a sensual addition;  not a functional garment.  (keep in mind over 60% of those polled were under 25 and we have a clear generation who remembers nothing of the horrid constricts of a functional garter belt of 30 years ago). 

After spending the war years drawing a black eye liner line down the backs of their legs, women were finally rewarded, in 1945 with the return of nylon stockings.  Nylon had been diverted for the war effort in 1940 and women were reduced to temporary lines and the horror of seam smearing. 

When Queen Elizabeth, in 1589, donned the first pair of silk stockings, she must have felt a right whore.  Those babies had heaven woven right into them, compared to the rough and ugly wools and cottons of previous leg garments. Her pleasure at the feel of silk against silk under her gown as she walked about the palace, must have kept courtiers wondering what that look on her face meant.  Perhaps it was in that period of our history that stockings took on a sexual context. 

When hemlines rose in the early 20th century, women became more conscious of the appearance of their hosiery. Flappers rolled their stockings in an attempt to flirt with the social trappings of showing more skin. As women gained social independence, her choices of fashion widened and the functional corsets of the 40ís gave way to pretty and more comfortable lingerie of the later decades.  

With the design of pantyhose, much of the image of stockings, teddies, corsets and garters has taken on a more sexual than functional appeal.  Pantyhose indeed killed the fantasy girl for many husbands.  The last vestiges of a more genteel society were gone.  For them, watching their wives struggle into the misshapen lump of nylon became a scene to avoid.  A moment best not burned into the retinas. 

Is the art of hosiery and lingerie wearing gone?  Hardly.  Today, lingerie sites abound, both standard mainstream storefronts and adult lingerie porn.  All of them, across the board, continue to grow in popularity. For those who want the leg and stocking menís entertainment, need only click a few links and your dreams come true.  If youíre after a comfortable convenient lingerie shopping trip, again just a click away.  The internet is a veritable goldmine of stocking sites. So poke around, see what you find with searches under "lingerie, stockings, legs, etc."

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