The Undead and The Orgasm
The erotic appeal of vampires

History has seen the vampire as scary, ugly, vicious, shadowed, seductive, erotic and downright creamyourjeans.  Different eras of the vampire mark different images.  The ugly, of course,  being the Nosferatu.  Creepiest bastards on the planet.  I remember watching the old black and white Nos movies on a bright Saturday afternoon and being creeped out of my wits.  Not exactly the candlelight and black cape we’ve come to expect from our vampires. 

Despite the ugliest of tales and the most gruesome behaviour, our fascination with vampires as erotic creatures marches on. Does the appeal stem from the shadowy and dark world of things dead and of death itself?  Do we secretly reach out to the unknown, hoping it will embrace us with its soft velvety blackness?  Or is it because the vampire represents the very essence of night.  All things darker and mysterious.  Unknowable and untouchable. Other worldly. Do we seek to creep into the shadows? 

Erotic imagery lies at the very core of the modern vampire.  A times, that is blended with the romantic notion of love across time, like we see in Stoker’s Dracula. Or the soulless searching of the vampire, as Rice’s Louis did.  Although, much of the time, Louis bordered on brooding. 

Does our fascination with creatures of night and death strike some hidden dark sexually deviant vein of our own? Do we crave the deep bite of the vampire, pushing into the skin of our neck or thigh? Do we crave the powerlessness we feel when under a vampire’s spell? Perhaps it is a non-leather way of experiencing bondage and submission.  Without the bells and whistles, straps and ties.  The power of the vampire over you. Completely and fully dominant. 

An interesting theory. Certainly not a new one. Many analysts have tried to puzzle out the lure of the vampire.  Some say it’s trapped deep within our psyche and others think it’s a social rebellion to imitate and behave as though a vampire.  Much of the Goth movement is based on the appeal of black leather, white shirts, long haired men and all the accoutrement of that niche.  It appears, at first, second and third glance to be a mixture of death worship and fantasy role playing. 

However, take a closer look. That’s right…step up to the peephole and peer through.  Take a really good look at what you find.  You may just have stumbled onto a world of people that accept death, all things dead and funerary as a part of life.  An elusive and perhaps strange part of life, taken in the quantity some people do, but life nonetheless. A bit melodramatic, like many of the Victorian funeral traditions they affect, but still acceptance.  Nearly embrace.   

Is it an obsession?  Obsession is defined as “a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling”.  Are those fascinated with vampires, disturbed?  Some might say so.  We know for sure that Ashcroft would say there’s a sexual basis and therefore should be banned. Many of us, however, are accepting enough of ourselves to realize that fantasy and role play can enhance our lives and our sex lives. 

Ever been to a Renaissance Faire?  Or a SCA event?  When people dress in period costume, immerse themselves in period atmosphere, the entire picture can take on a surreal and encompassing aspect.  How many couples who camp out during these events, do you think remain “in character” during the bawdy sex that occurs that night?  It’s romantic and fresh and new to be someone other than who you are.  To exist in a time out of your own.  How many stories sweep us away to another time, place or existence?  This is our means of escape.  

Whatever the reason, vampires have held our romantic and sexual fascination for a very long time.  Romancing something horrible isn’t a standard human trait. So what makes a vampire different?  Why do we romanticize a being capable of killing us by draining us of blood or ripping our throats out?  I’m not sure anyone can figure that out,  but analysts will continue to try.   

But, while they’re trying, how about donning our favorite leather Victorian fashions and stepping ‘round the corner to the Admiral’s Arms for a drink?




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