the further adventures of humankind's sexual past - scandals, royal romps, sex in history and the humor of hormones

Some of what you'll find at Sex Scrolls - 

Sex Positions History
Fat Tuesday & Breasts
Happy Endings
Tragic Love in History
Stoker's Dracula
Dirty Old Lyrics
History of Hippy Sex
Deviant History 
History of Body Piercing 
Love Letters  
Sex in History 
Carnival In Rio  
Sex, Courtship and Love
The Anals of Sodomy
The King of All Media Sex
Valentine's Day Revisited
Men and Women
Old Wives Tales
Love poetry 
How Did You Spend New Years Day?
Cupid and Psyche 
Rectums and Radishes 
The Real Kama Sutra
History Of Wine In America
A Humming Tribute To The Vibrator   
Kissing Through The Ages  
Coca -Cola's Risqué Poster   
Victorian Sex Tidbits
The Passions of the Christ
Or - WWJD  
Who Would Jesus Do?
Sapphic Poetry - A celebration
Find o' the Week
449 Famous Men and Their Foreskins 
History  of Valentine's Day
A lovers fact finding mission
The Clitoris
When a little dab'll do you
History of Fellatio 
Traditional Island Aphrodisiacs
Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride
The History of Lingerie and Stockings - Part One
The Complete Fanny Hill
A Woman Of Pleasure
Caligula – Orgies and Oratory
Making Love To Marilyn’s Ghost
Marilyn Monroe and her sex goddess legend
Inside the mysterious world
of BDSM and its history
My Secret Life - Full Volume
Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms
History of Contraception - Condoms
The Undead and The Orgasm
A Vampire's Erotic Lure

An Elegant Fetish
The History of Jodhpurs and Riding Gear 
Henry VIII
Marriage, monarchy and man about town
The History of Carnival at Rio
Or – Oh to look like her for just one night!
Mardi Gras
Lady Godiva - Nude for the 
people of Coventry
Grotesques - The Sheela-Na-Gig
let it all hang out
Gargoyles –Sexy Devils
Pope Joan … er… John
Zeus and His Women
"I Used To Be Snow White
...but I drifted"
Strange U.S. Sex Laws
Breasts Thru The Ages
Obsessing Over Youth
The History of the Dildo
Catherine the Great Horses Around 
Brief History of Marriage
Romantic Friendships
Victorian Lesbians 
Sex Without Skin
The future history of sex? 
Food And Sex - An Historical Glimpse 
Ancient Greece - Afternoon Delight 
Bod Mod Ancient World 
A Short History of Sex Drugs
Men, Relationships, and the Internet
Virgin Territory
From Eliz. I to Britney Spears


Dept. Archives

Sexo Facto 
Try to tie a penis or two boys...

Mirror Mirror  
A moment, a mirror and quotes from the past.

5 Strange Sex Laws added
From the annals of history come some of the craziest laws.

Pulp Erotic Fiction 
Planet Venus '52

The silent, inky darkness of space filled the viewscreen. More...

Did you know... - New Entries
Condoms and the Kama Sutra, sex museums and more.

Free de Sade Download
If the Marquee floats your boat, we have some free de Sade for you.

Did You Know? - Gallery now open
Facts and figures pulled from the vastness of history.

New Vintage Naughties added
New images of the very best vintage photos.

3 new In A Word quotes

Vintage and Hollywood paintings, art and design.

A History of Nudity
A collection of photos, links and articles.

Vampire / period romance, capturing the essence of Victorian kindred fiction.

Scroll Call - The Caption Cavern
Three new captions added.

Weird sex practice...
Arachnephilia - Arachnephilia refers to those who are aroused by sex play with spiders. Spider scenes are used to increase adrenalin. 
 - Enc. of Unusual Sex Practices

Scroll Call - The Caption Cavern
Two new captions added

New page of strange sex laws and facts
A whole new list of the bizarre and weird.

New Bits 'N Pieces in the News
Brits in Bed

Two new additions to Scroll Call
Pics and captions added to the caption cavern

The Acropolis Boutique Opens

New Sex Laws & Scroll Calls added
A few for your reading fun.

3 new In A Word quotes

2 New Additions to Scroll Call
A few great pictures with captions to entertain you.

New gallery of Vintage Naughties added
Two dozen new images of the very best vintage photos.

Did You Know? - more added
Interesting and odd bits of sexual info and history.

A Sprinkle of Scroll Calls

Scroll Call - The Caption Cavern
Scroll's new gallery of snippets from history, photo captions and quotes is now open.

New Vintage Vixon
A further collection of beautiful vintage photos.

Weird sex practice...
Dogging -
(Amomaxia - sex in a parked car.)  An English term for a sport where people watch couples having sex in parked cars.

 - Enc. of Unusual Sex Practices


The Emperor's New Clothes
and other nude stories

Sappho's School of Lesbian Learning
The real truth about lesbian history

Vintage Porn
What Grandma never told you

Kilts- Their history and what's under them

Researching The Orgasm
Or - Past perverts revisited

Prince Albert's Weighty Willie
- The origins of cock piercing

Don't Pick Up The Soap
What comes to mind when you hear Greek?

Sodom and Gomorrah
Getting to the bottom of things


(with a bit of satire tossed in...)

What's at Sex Scrolls?

Articles and items of interest regularly added to the HUGE ever-growing archives of Sex Scrolls.  We have MANY hundreds of articles, laws, facts and fiction in the vast storerooms of Scrolls. 




Masturbation a century ago.  The pratfalls and positives in the act of self-love in days gone by.

News and Views - Hollywood's Golden Age leading men and their sex lives;  women shy about admitting they masturbate.

The Ultimate in Tree Hugging - this fetish might just surprise you.

News and Views - A new definition for vegans to live up to; and why people have sex...yet another study.

A New Awakening -  Sacred relationships and a new perspective.

News and Views - Masturbation dangerous?  Really old hookers and biblical pornography.

What does the future hold? -  A look at what might be in store for the passionate years to come.

News and Views -  What a way to start the year!


Mistletoe Traditions - find out more about this pretty but deadly "kissing" plant and its traditional legends.

Vampires - Despite the ugliest of tales and the most gruesome behavior, our fascination with vampires as erotic creatures marches on.  

Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms - Do ghosts have sex? Better question is do ghosts have sex with  you?  In the spirit of copulation... 

Satan's Sexy and Sinister Reputation - orgies and ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go hump in the night.

News and Views
- Air Sex or Air Head?
Japan has recently claimed the world air guitar championship, but Weekly Playboy (10/2) notes that less well known is that Japan already had a world champ in another virtual sport, air sex!
- Setting the Record Straight - Busting sex myths

News and Views
- Explicit sex writing not any better than the perv at the pub 
- Dinosaur sex - violent? extra long penises??
- Trademark request by comedian, just too rude

Men and Women - on men and women
A bushel of great new quotes.

Love and Old Wives Tales
Tasty tidbits from gaggles of grannies - revisited.

Bits and Pieces - of Ancient Wisdom and trivia.

Ancient Methods of Enhancing Sex - The long lost answers to problems between the furs.

Revisiting The Past - The best of the best for summertime.  

News and Views 
- Erotica and Ginger (do the two have something in common?)  
- Britney nude and pregnant - sex scrolls in the making

A Word From Madonna - She's not the nympho we thought.

A Few New Chuckles - sex and humor...the best combo

News and Views
- "She felt him brush across her naked thigh..." - Erotica in the news.
- What famous people say.  Who'd have guessed?

Sex and the Ancient Celts - a gander at the antics of the ancients and their customs

News and Views - the latest in Sex-History-in-the-Making.

Prostitution and the gold-rush days - the girls of Deadwood, San Francisco and other locations in a time in history when only the toughest of women survived.  It was these women, these whores who tamed mining camps and the miners who worked them.  They are the real women of the west.

Women's Unmentionables - we do more than mention them. The where,  why, how and when of some of the sexiest undies in history.

News and Views
- Penis size - bananas and lettuce and grapes Oh My!
- Good, good, good, good vibrations....

Quotes 'n Stuff - New quotes, new jokes and new items of interest. What Shaw has to say, the Pope and the topic of sex.

News and Views
- The best report of all
- Baby Boomers and sex?

A Few Thoughts on Marilyn - another's look at the sex goddess who still holds the world in her smile.

The Past - A look at the bliss and blisters of wedding nights around the globe.

Britney Spears and Other Matters - a tongue-in-cheek look at one celeb's clit, and other pertinent info. 

News and Views
- Prison and Porn - the controversy
- Are British women really that uptight?

Sex and the Food that Fuels Lust - a visit back to the foods that make us feisty and passionate.  

Romance Songs of the 30s and 40s - Love and Everything

Famous Quotes From Famous Throats
Just have to love the quotes that go down in history as bawdy or sexual.  Oh what a difference a day makes.

News and Views
- Sexy agent willing to full-monty it
- Those 1970s sex key about vintage reborn

An Ancient View of Penises or A View of Ancient Penises
A look at just how this little organ was viewed from our ancestors' perspective.


Into a ménage a trios?  
Bored with your partner?  Don't worry, it's a human trait and we've been doing it a long...long time.

News and Views
- Porn, Italy and the Olympics
- The love of science? No...this is the science of love
- Attack of the ninety foot nude!

Valentines Day Trivia - Check out some of these cool facts about love, sex, history and our deepest desires.

News and Views
Celebrity Sex used to mean scandal and now it could mean a big break...
- and that elusive G Spot - why some women might not have it ... 
- and foreign censorship.

Drake's Diary 
"The gothic influences in romance and horror are almost intersecting, leaving us deliciously frightened...but ready for more."

Fetishism, Inanimate Sex and Whipping It Out  -  When things get dull, seek out the unusual, the bizarre, and for some, the ultimate orgasm.  Discover your secret desire.

Ovid - the Original Romance Writer  - Racy and hot, these texts contain some of the most knee-shaking vapor-producing romance writing in the history of us.  

Of Shoes and Ships and Russian Sex Manuals - Antique find to soothe the most savage of beasts.

Penis Size - Does it really matter?  Scrolls takes a long, hard look at penises.

Sir Elton John - ...gets married.  His life, his love, his husband.  

News and Views - Chinese gender bending. How far is too far?  

Memoirs of a Geisha - reviewing the erotic history of an ancient culture.

News and Views - Bawdy Language and Frolicking Penguins.

Weddings - A vast number of traditions exist for this celebration of love and legal sex. 

News and Views - Penguin Porn - too risqué? or cute?

We like Sex & Chocolate - The ultimate in romantic flavor, chocolate has a history of sexuality.

Movie Review - Step into the way-back machine and take a look at this classic adult flick from 1972.

What do you see when you look at a building? Does it make you hot? Does it have sex? Some interesting reads on just these questions.

A little light reading - Adultery, love, obsession, hot sex, lust, jealousy and greed - how's that for a start?

Did you hear the one about...  - Bawdy humor, language, socially unacceptable quips and giggles.

Creeping into the archives - to bring you the best of our "horror" topics.  Throughout October, Scrolls will be focusing on topics related to the month and time of year. If you like all things spooky and autumn-like, then this month will be great fun. 

Occult Skin Mags - Bet you never found any of these babies in your dad's nightstand...or maybe you did.  Classic skin.  A closer look at satanic mags of old.

Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms - Do ghosts have sex? Better question is do ghosts have sex with  you?  In the spirit of copulation... 

Satan's Sexy and Sinister Reputation - orgies and ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go hump in the night.

News and Reviews - Unrealistic sex and the Survey SAYS?! 

Vampires - Despite the ugliest of tales and the most gruesome behavior, our fascination with vampires as erotic creatures marches on. 

News and Reviews -  Rome - HBPO's newest accurate and very lusty series: hot, passionate and filled with wonderful detail.  Sex On TV - Not too convincing. And more...

The Lovers of the Tarot - Naked before the Gods? Or just a parlor game gone freaky?

A Midsummer Night's Orgy in the Forest - Reacquaint yourself with the lusty and sensual tones of the master storyteller, William Shakespeare.  

Valley of the Flings - A closer look at the exotic sexuality of Ancient Egypt.

And The Survey Says...  - take a gander at the history of sex surveys in the UK, and the first one made public.

News, Food For Thought, Quotes - Sex organs and pleasure. 

sex in the ancient world
Sorting Through The Underwear - It would be fair to say that, after the sexual revolution of the Sixties, sex became something of a hot topic among historians.

The Ancient China Sex Culture Museum - a point of controversy ever since its establishment in September 1999. 


Nimoy Erotica - Do the ears make the man?  Leonard's love of pictures, erotica and more.

News and Views - Christian Porn hits the stage in New Zealand - question of art or pornography. 

Voodoo, Cleopatra and the ever popular Le Petit Mort - These escoteric secrets of our sexual past are examined.

News and Views - Sex drug earns a new crown, first orgasms, and more.

Sex, Chocolate and Jewelry 
Back to the old fashioned delights of courtship.

Ancient Phallus Comes to Light - unearthing the oldest penis around.

Stockings Revisited - The sexiest garment in history and its effect on men through time.

Ben Franklin - More than just a pair of spectacles and an electric personality.

New Quotes to enlighten and entertain. 

Tattoo - Origins unknown, this fascinating custom from human history becomes the focus.

Ancient Sex Tips - Can we really learn from our past?  You bet your orgasm, we can!

News and views  - A Big Happy Birthday! to the Theory of Vaginal Orgasms!  

Jack The Ripper - Crimes of Passion? Control? Insane or Genius?  The questions still haunt us.

Food For Thought - Dawning of the age of Condoms

News and Reviews -  The origins of sex, Russ Meyers and some really interesting reading.

Sex in the Middle Ages  - if you made it to middle age, it was unlikely you'd still be making it.

A jump on the latest in history in the making.  Docs and abstinence, church and same sex marriage, sex work and society.

Noblewomen: the first ladies
The role and positions of noblewomen in later medieval Europe.

News and views  (Wicked Weekend Update)  - Underwear vending machines - Canada and same sex marriages are the real deal now, folks - Dr. Ruth field tests her new vibrator - Mental erotica.

Coming Soon! - Have we covered Rape and Pillage yet?  The Art of Plundering  - The next Sex and the Citadel.

News and views  (Wicked Weekend Update) -  Porn gone, feminists "user-friendlyize" it.   Jack Nicholson's Dildo - the newest accoutrement in his latest film.

Upkilt - The Kilt and what may lie beneath -  Forever a source for jokes and innuendo, so lets just get to the ~cough~ ... bottom of it, shall we?

Oysters And Their Place In Casanova's Sex Life - Was it the magic of the shellfish that did the trick?

News and Reviews - Interesting bits of news and events.

Adorning The Ear - The sensuality of earrings and their history.


News and views  (Wicked Weekend Updates) - Enjoy Sunday coffee with News In The Making, a sexy review or two, and some fun reading for members only.  
Erotic vintage delights - both old and sensual.  
Sex, lice and chamber pots - bit of diary reading from 1667. 

Lord Byron's idea of beauty - a marvel of love, gentle lust and smoldering passions found in shadowed beds.

News Update - Michael Jackson is innocent. Will this go down in history?

Walt Whitman  -  A surprising look at this American gem.  Strangers, passing glances, romance.  Something to think about.

Ah, the rose... historically symbolizes the female genitalia and is associated with Cupid, Eros, Adonis, Aphrodite, Isis, Hathor, and Demeter

New Sex Quotes - Out of the mouths of babes and handsome studs.


Sexual Respect In the Middle Ages - A look at the art of courtly love and the intercourse of gender respect. 

Fun new sex facts for the lustily curious.

Juicy News and Reviews - the best of This Week In Sex.  The Citadel presents the hottest stories on the wires.

Sex, Drugs and Rock - It could be said that our sexual relations are a good barometer of the state of society.

News in the world of sex -  The making of history.  Playboy on PSP playstation gaming system.  Downloadable porn for the handheld gaming. (handheld? hmm....) Erotic mistaken images and the original Calendar Girls.

Weekend blast with new reviews and coffee reads for you.

The Hottest Steamiest scenes - from the best of period and classical movies.  Historic movies, films out of history. 

News and views  (Wicked Weekend Updates) - Great items fit for mid-morning coffee.  Relax and enjoy this weekend's updates.  Cucumbers and condoms, environmental coitus, sex poetry blended with a new collection of erotic images... and more.

Lady Chatterley's Lover - The erotica that caused a sensation.  Banned and talked about, this novel scaled the heights of decency and brought sexuality into the light.  Sit back and enjoy the history that is DH Lawrence.

New Fun Quotes - from unlikely celebrities: quotes updates to usher in the merry month of May

Messy Sex - When did the whole sloppy sex thing "cum" about? Was it a medieval madness, replete with wine dripping down a maiden's leg, or some bizarre invention of the twentieth century?  It would be madness to think no one in ancient Pompeii had messy sex (a very ribald place, that Pompeii) 

Mermaids - The babe on the rock, with the fins and scales? know the one. She sits on a rock in a harbor, swims across art, lives forever in marble and has remarkable adventures in fiction. She's the Mermaid. A quintessential image of woman and the sea.


Gallery of Water Sensuality - A few moments with a woman, the water and shadows in the depths.

Camilla and her Brazilian wax - Is it really news worthy? A look at what some people think others want to know.  Beautiful woman with a near-hairless / hairless pudenda, not so bad.  Older English woman, hmmm...not so much.

News in the Now - Sex history in the making for inquiring minds

Marriage and the Merging -  Too much to draw the urge? Back to basics time? Maybe even back to instinct.

Astrology in Indian Marriages - One of humankind's oldest sciences determining the prospects and future of marriage. Look to the stars to see what might lie in your future.  

On Papal Sexuality Policy - Commentary on policies regarding same-sex marriages, masturbation, birth-control and scandals of the clergy

News from the modern era - Sex taboos and desires, all rolled into one.  Forget what your mother used to tell you.  Scrolls will see you to the future, even while its Editor remains happily stuck in the past. 

Chinese Matrimonial Customs - From ancient to modern, pomp and circumstance with a touch of simplicity

Erotic thoughts from Tennyson; sultry images - a visual seduction in poetry

From Chaplin to the sultry east - sex in the news, making history
New facts from Scrolls time machine

Heterosexual Marriages - why it seems they hold the patent on the sacred state of matrimony.

News and Steamy Updates Time - Shake that sand around, we've got some investigating to do.

Monogamy - A serious discussion of this concept of couplehood.

Reviews and News - our history in the making

Livng History and the opinions of a former First Lady.  Does Hillary have the scoop on the whole infidelity issue? 

News and Updates - scanning the scandals in history

Medieval and Renaissance Marriage Customs - The Old and New testaments provided early church leaders with conflicting views regarding marriage. 


Kate Hepburn - the woman and her loves

A personal glimpse at a remarkable woman.
Fascinating facts and lovely peeks into this actress's life.

The Thrills When We Were Young - what prepubescent bravado made you take the magazines from your parents' nightstand?

Bedecking the Body -  Through the ages with ornate adornments 

Sex Facts and Fun - fanny feeling fetishes / quim make you queasy?

Sexual Positions in History - “When Push Comes To Shove” 
Those Egyptians and Greeks and Romans could sure turn a grand cock or two on pottery we can still admire today. 

Bram Stoker's Dracula - A hot read revisited with all of the lust and allure of the vampire image. Discussion

Sex, Courtship and Love - Tidbits from history

The Anals of Sodomy
A look at the differences (or lack of) in history between sodomy and anal sex.
Ipso Sexo Facto - Sex fact of the week

The King of All Media Sex
Howard Stern - the message is clear - the history of sex on the airwaves
Five movies -  in our movie archives - from Playboy to Picasso!

Sex files - weird sex laws update
Additions to the pulp collection - Covers to die for and more crimes of passion.

Top 5 Best Erotic Period Films - a Scrolls look at which films will do it for you and which won't  -  Watch for it this week!

News of the Moment - Hollywood Oscar Night, Academy Awards history in the making -  Canadian testicles and more


Mata Hari - 100 years - Seduction and Secrets

Since the beginning of her career as a dancer in 1905, she's embodied the fantasy men wanted and the fantasy women wanted to be.

Quotes and news updates

Speaking of President's Day... - a look back at some of the more "fun" moments in presidential history


History in the making - news updates and a few unique facts

Sex Quotes - the Capote point of view and a little bit of Hite 

Kinsey and the Tube - some things are apparently better left unsaid

Scandal in the Greek Orthodox Church -  meetings held in haste over sex scandal

Musical condoms and St. Augustine's words -  Quotes update and news for the history books.

New period erotic read  - for that jump start in your day.  A knee trembler from Drake at her best.  A letter brimming with lustful, erotic description.

Happy Endings - A few bits and pieces to bring a smile to a romantic's face. 
News Updates - what will eventually become hormonal history

~ Special Valentine's Day Edition ~
Start your day having coffee with Sex Scrolls and celebrate this hearts and flowers holiday with us, with our collection of quotes, laws, kinks, links and images compiled in honor of this day of love, past and present.

When Love Doesn't Conquer All - The tragedies along life's Heartfelt Highway - Part One of our look at those who weren't meant to be

New laws and quotes for you -  the oddities of sex in our murky past

Fat Tuesday revisited - the history of Mardi Gras, with all its breasts and beads.  The sins of the ages embraced festively. 

Latest Sex Fact - The early rebellion of love, yearning, good sex and birth control.
New love letters to melt the cockles of your heart. 

One for the Road - When the whole picture tells a story.  Vintage gallery blossoms.
New additions to Scrolls collection of great sex quotes.

Ancient Erotica - Shocking the masses
When the past oozes sex to the present, from Pompeii to Egypt and back again.

News and Views - A look at what becomes history. 

Sex and Satan - those naughty devil worshippers of our darker past...always on with those orgies and banquets. 

Honoring the Goddess - Beautiful natural Mother-Earth women. Without adornment, they whisk us back to the days of hippies and flower children.

Feng Shui from the scrolls of sex history. The ancient art balancing the body, environment and mind.  ( feung shui fueng shui )

A Few Good Men - uplifting quotes from some serious "party girls" of the past.
Newest Erotic and bizarre facts - additions to our bursting library

The Ball of Kirriemuir - The longest bawdiest (fuck) song ever written - and more deviant ditties! A look at dirty love lyrics.
News and Views - the future is our past

The History of Hippy Sex - Sex and hippies, as subjects, naturally seem to go together.  A person can't think of hippies and not eventually turn his/her mind to free love and flower power.

Deviant History - when men were men and couples had sex in places we'd never think to copulate.
News and Views - today's stories, tomorrow's history

History of Body Piercing - Body piercing has seen a resurgence and is becoming more bizarre and more popular than ever before
New Vintage images  - legs legs and more legs

Sex Quotes and News Updates
Love Letters  -  Words to make you weak in the knees, speaking of love and lust from the pages of history.

Sex in History - Al Link 
As we human beings have changed and evolved over our thousands of years of recorded history so have our attitudes and expressions of all things sexual.

Carnival In Rio - History and Travel
The hottest party on the planet

News Updates - from Dutch treat to Advice Cafe

Updates to sexual quotes  - adding pearls of wisdom to celebrity pearl necklaces

New Fantasy Fiction - The Intermission
An exotic story of lust, music and a woman's passions.

Valentine's Day Revisited
Our yearly look at this lovers holiday.

Movie Reviews - Stone's Alexander
Eye candy and so much more!

Sex in the News and History - Updates


Men and Women - on men and women
A bushel of great new quotes.

Love and Old Wives Tales
Tasty tidbits from gaggles of grannies.

Love poetry - words of love from the past
Love in words is incredible.  Love poetry leaves us weak in the knees.

New sex quote - some fun with other peoples words

Back by reader request - Most popular features of 2004

Fresh Sex Facts 
Crosses and statues and beads....oh my!


How Did You Spend New Years Day?  
The ancient Babylonians (near as historians can tell...) were the first to celebrate New Years Day, believing that how you spent the day, would effect the entire year. Resolutions are a reflection of this belief.  One's resolve to spend New Years Day appropriately and the year was set. 

Cupid and Psyche - The juicy truth behind the myth

Rectums and Radishes - a new freaky sex law

Quote O' the Day 
"I'd like to meet the man who invented sex and see what he's working on now."   Author Unknown

Current news reports - desperate housewives and sex in suburbia, gay divorce rights, sex toys and airports

The Real Kama Sutra - For those erotic by nature


Archives - 2004 Samples

History Of Wine In America 
The history of wine consumption in America

Voodoo Queen    
Our newest pulp fiction

A Humming Tribute To The Vibrator   
Bringing women first good "health" and now relaxation, the vibrator has surpassed even those doctors of the early 20th century who felt it served a medical purpose 

Kissing Through The Ages  
A kiss by any other name would feel as sweet...

Coca -Cola's Risqué Poster   
Released in the mid 80s. this image prompted a total recall of all posters.

Victorian Sex Tidbits
'Close your eyes and think of England'

The Passions of the Christ
Or - WWJD  
Who Would Jesus Do?
It’s all a crapshoot these days to know what anyone’s feelings are on the subject of sex, let alone sorting out the lusty stirrings of prominent members of history, like Jesus of Nazareth. 

Sapphic Poetry - A celebration
Immortal Aphrodite In the Flesh

Find o' the Week
449 Famous Men and Their Foreskins
Find out which made the cut and which are still sporting the turtleneck look.

The History  of Valentine's Day  
A lovers fact finding mission
Unbeknownst to yours truly, I went searching for a nice little well written history about Valentine's Day so that I could write an article filled with facts for the wonderful readers. 

The Clitoris
When a little dab'll do you
Let’s talk turkey here, shall we?  Because I have to tell you, that talking turkey would be a whole lot more productive and informative than talking clits. Some things should simply be taken for the little miracles they are (like the clitoris) and left alone to perform their miracles when nudged to do so (like the clitoris). 

History of Fellatio 
A head of its time
"It’s odd to think that a sexual behavior could have a history.  Would it not stand to reason that its history would in fact be humankind’s own history? Let’s examine for a moment the evolutionary theories of our rise to two legs, escape from the sea and subsequent playing with fire, wheels and the parts between our legs. .."

Traditional Island Aphrodisiacs
Some of history's favorite "sex foods"

Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride
 (on the conduct and procedure of the intimate and personal relationships of the marriage state for the Greater Spiritual Sanctity of this Blessed Sacrament and the Glory of God)
A seriously presented, yet hilarious lecture on the ills of the new bridal duties.  From "repulsive" sex to "giving only grudgingly", this pastor's wife from the late 1800s speaks her mind clearly.

The History of Lingerie and Stockings - Part One
A compiled look at what makes us drool over seamed stockings, pantyhose, corsets and garters. Is it a draw to a softer simpler sexier past? Or do we really find women looking better in lingerie?  More...

The Complete Fanny Hill
A Woman Of Pleasure
Excerpt - "But guess my surprise, when I saw the lazy young rogue lie down on his back, and gently pull down Polly upon him, who giving way to his humour, straddled, and with her hands conducted her blind favourite to the right place; and following her impulse, ran directly upon the flaming point of this weapon of pleasure..."

Caligula – Orgies and Oratory   
Caligula was quite the guy.  Some think he may have been just a wee bit effeminate.  Others might agree, but also consider him brutally placed in history at a time when the factions surrounding the leadership of Rome, took the accounts to new levels of exaggeration.   

Making Love To Marilyn’s Ghost
Marilyn Monroe and her sex goddess legend
Time described the woman who is probably the most drawn and photographed of our time, Marilyn Monroe, as "the most delectable sex symbol of the century".  

Inside the mysterious world
of BDSM and its history
Sex Scrolls interviews a willing participant.

My Secret Life - Full Volume
The Sex Diary of a Victorian Gentleman was first published between 1888-1894. For the next hundred years, it remained banned and considered obscene and pornographic.

A encounter of lust and soft passion. 
Fireside fantasies.  A brush with romantic history in fiction. 

Ghostly Sex and Paranormal Orgasms
Sex with ghosts, ghostly feelings 
and the turn on of fear and haunted places. 

History of Contraception - Condoms
Ah the glove, rubber, shower cap, Johnson wrap.. well, you get the picture. There are about a thousand and one names used for this spectacular little invention used during sex to prevent S.T.D.'s and pregnancy. But how old is the condom? In this section of The History of Contraception, we'll look at the ways the "love skin" has evolved through history.

The Undead and The Orgasm
A Vampire's Erotic Lure
Despite the ugliest of tales and the most gruesome behavior, our fascination with vampires as erotic creatures marches on. Does the appeal stem from the shadowy and dark world of things dead and of death itself?  Do we secretly reach out to the unknown, hoping it will embrace us with its soft velvety blackness?

An Elegant Fetish
The History of Jodhpurs and Riding Gear 
Boots, tight riding gear and all the accoutrements of the english lady and her riding costume have become a tight and very popular niche.  Here's the story of just how this became so popular.  
Complete with mini-gallery

Henry VIII
Marriage, monarchy and man about town
Henry didn’t like marriage. Contrary to popular belief, he really didn’t care much for it at all. Henry liked being king, he loved the perks and he liked duty.

The History of Carnival at Rio
Or – Oh to look like her for just one night!
Being the god of wine, Dionysian festivals included far too much drinking, but with the hope of much fertility and abundance in the coming months. Although old tomes run rich with hangover remedies.  

New Read in the Fiction Section
"With infinite tenderness, my left hand slides beneath the bodice of your gown, cupping your breast...  "





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